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    So I am aware that there has been a correlation drawn between Pi, Ji, Pe and Je and the four temperaments Phlegmatic, Melancholic, Sanguine and Choleric, respectively.
    However, I think the four temperaments are actually describing emotional attitudes as they are called the four humours. Although it definitely seems to make sense in terms of cognitive functions, I just thought it would be interesting to add a correlation to the emotional attitudes.
    I believe the Unseelie and Directive types are both Disagreeable emotionally, with both being more blunt and insensitive roughly speaking. I find this is similar in the Melancholic and the Choleric temperaments. If we look at https://temperaments.fighunter.com/ , the difference between Melancholics and Cholerics is that the former is driven more by an empirical truth and wish to make arguments to get to the actual scientific, logical truth of the matter. Melancholics are also incredibly idiosyncratic and nonconformists and will blatantly disregard the norms of society at unhealthy levels.
    The latter temperament is driven to maintain their position in the social hierarchy, and are much more driven by the the validation of their egos. They will even toss morality aside by lying to save face and their reputation. This is more or less described in the unhealthy description of the Directive Fe type. I have also read in some of the forums listed here, that Directive Fe is more aggressive than Unseelie Te.
    The Seelie and Adaptive types are both emotionally Agreeable, as they are both empathetic and in tune to the emotional energies of others and themselves. I find this is similar in the Sanguine and the Phlegmatic temperaments. If we look at https://temperaments.fighunter.com/, the difference between Sanguines and Phlegmatics is that the former is driven by their own personal emotions. They are a lot more emotionally affected and may engage in either a cheerful joviality and emotional indulgence, or more negatively they may go through periods of melodramatic misery and even self-loathing. I find this to more or less be similar to the Seelie Fi user.
    The latter temperament is focused more on the emotional needs of others, keeping their own emotions hidden and under wraps. They are self-sacrificing, nurturing people with a need to be needed, but at unhealthy levels they can become doormats and allow people to walk over them, although they can also manipulate people in this manner, although this is not spoken about by the https://temperaments.fighunter.com/. I find this to be similar to the Adaptive Fe user.
    So if we potentially combined the cognitive metabolic type with their emotional attitude, we would have a more well-rounded description of their temperaments and how they may differ depending on whether they are disagreeable or agreeable.

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