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  • Rickus
    • Type: SeFi
    • Development: l-l-
    • Attitude: Seelie

    Hi there

    So last night I had a really interesting colourful dream that had a lot of fantasy elements to it (which is interesting since I’m an Se-Fi type, but in my experience I’m actually really drawn to fantasy).

    In the first part of my dream, I saw an island shrouded in darkness, but there were these beings made of white and blue light, as if they were made of starlight. I then saw one of these beings appear to me as Gandalf, the wizard from Lord of the Rings. Though I cannot remember what he said to me, I do know that he seemed to be warning or admonishing me to take responsibility.

    In the second part of my dream, I saw Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty (she looked like Elle Fanning from the Maleficent films). She lived in a cottage in the mountains, the grass was intensely green. She had lived with her grandmother (or so I assumed in my dream) and wanted to move out of the cottage to go and live by herself as an independent adult woman. She was wearing a light blue, sparkling dress, yet she drove a rusty old truck, pulling two trailers full of her belongings. I just so happened to be walking around that area. She had stopped at the gate before passing through, it seemed like she required my assistance. However before she decided to cross that threshold, I saw an ugly goblin on the other side of the fence. I wasn’t afraid but remained calm. I told her to return home, because there were monsters in the forest. So I proceeded to close the gate, it had quite a few locks on it that I had to close.

    I wonder what this dream could mean. I have read a wizard signifies mastery of skills. I am taking singing lessons, so perhaps it alluded to that, but this seems to be a rather superficial interpretation. The princess leaving the house but being told to turn back could signify how I wish to go back to China, but I am unable to due to the lockdown and the covid-19 pandemic (which may be the goblin). Is there anything more to this dream in terms of cognitive functions or anima/animus symbolism that I may have overlooked?

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    Hey rick, I’m also ESFP (soft Typed and this is a long response so If u want my analysis of your dream skip 3 paragraphs down)

    a behavior I have actually noticed with many Se doms/auxiliaries is their proclivity towards fantasy. It was quite shocking for me too since as u mentioned earlier SeFi seems like the most “in reality type.” That doesn’t mean they don’t have a vivid imagination though (or want one). I argue that being this type helps a lot with writing imagery. Se using specific details to tie into an Ni story (but you know, I can be seething with misconceptions). I think it might be much easier for this axis in terms of story telling actually.

    Even though esfp can seemed focused with real life, I think they, along with other types,  can also long for an escape out of this life/a fantastical world where they are not limited by how human they are. I think for the SeFi explorer finding new limits and being in a different place may excite them (as long as those limits make sense and flow into each other)


    another thing you mentioned was dream analysis: there’s actually a running joke/stereotype that I’ve seen with Se doms where people say that they have a tendency to go into mysticism cause of their inferior Ni. That doesn’t mean that dream analysis isn’t interesting anyway. I like to believe that dreams are somehow reconfigurations of ideas and thoughts in life. You can probably get something to learn out of dream analysis even if it wasn’t meant to do so.


    So first dream: (god I love symbolism) obviously one island alone can mean singularity but also that there is only one way to go about what u want to achieve. I take this as maybe working within what is given to you, making the best out of one island/one experience. The contrast of dark and light can symbolize what you have around you and what you can be. The mystical glowing creatures probably made you feel something (for me id imagine it was watching something foreign/beautiful/but also feeling no relation to them) Perhaps you feel a disconnect but a fascination with the people around you who have gone through/are going through ses experiance/circumstances that u r going through currently. Lastly I think the lord of the rings part was kinda obvious: someone is telling you to take responsibility, face this circumstance.

    yeah I mean I think you interpreted the second dream and applied it to your life really well… sorry if this is a long response, I enjoyed hearing your fantastical dreams

    • Type: SeFi
    • Development: l-l-
    • Attitude: Seelie

    Hello Shapeshifter2790 (Love your name by the way)

    Thank you so much for your response. I love long paragraphs like these. You are so right, I’ve always had a proclivity towards mysticism and have even considered myself to be a prophet in some aspects. My dreams, though they are dreams, are noted for being very vivid and filled with intense colours, hyper realistic scenes within a fantasy context. Like these live action fantasy films basically describe what my dreams look like. The archetypes are fantastical, but their appearance is very sensually stimulating.  I see what you are saying about the singularity as well as the duality of light and dark. I am considering that it may have something to do with me wanting to become a singer, but perhaps I am not taking it too seriously. Then again, it could simply be my dad telling me to look for a new job, but its hard because I am still waiting to go back to China, he wants me to take a part time job. Anyway.

    You are correct when you say I tend to place myself in other people’s shoes, even if I am not in the same place as them. I think what happens when I watch fantasy movies is that I live through the characters empathically or vicariously. I used to watch certain films and literally imagine myself as the protagonist or lead character, as if I had their face when I looked at my own reflection.

    So once again thanks for your response my fellow ESFP or SeFi. Don’t worry I don’t mind the use of ESFP. I used to follow that typology system before coming here. I used to type myself as ENFP because of my love of fantasy and mysticism, but I got visually typed correctly as an SeFi with developed Te, it made a lot more sense actually.


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