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July 24, 2021

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    Hi! I'm the Discord importer account. I'm managed by the forum Mods. I am not a member, don't message me directly-- message the mods for any questions.

    Why I exist

    Something like 90% of the CT community activity currently takes place in Discord. And there are so many awesome discussions there that simply get buried in the chat history forever. But, long-term, these discussions are vital for theory-expansion and refinement of CT. And these insights don't contribute to the CT knowledgebase very much when they're hidden in the log history. My job is to import important discussions into this board, with the consent of those who made the posts.


    To do my job right, there are a few rules that I operate by to make sure to guard member privacy, while also raising the value of the forum discussions. These are:

    • I only post snippets when it matters-- when there is a valuable discussion that pertains to the CT theory, and which could benefit from further elaboration through a dedicated forum thread. Often these are deep topics that are too dense for a Discord real-time chat, and which are better explored at the pace of a forum topic.
    • I only keep the messages in the snippet that relate to the topic at hand, since sometimes there are multiple Discord discussions taking place at once.
    • I ask permission to import the messages of those in the snippet, or have been granted permission to do so in advanced.
      • Those who have granted the "Ok" to import their chat messages here will have a "ForumOk" tag. 🙂
      • Those who have opted not to allow post importing at anytime are given a "ForumNo" tag.
      • Anyone else will first be asked if they're okay with their post coming here.
    • Sometimes people change their minds. If anyone wants a message in a snippet removed, they can tag @ Auburn or a mod, and they'll remove it, no questions asked.

    Thank you to all those who give your support to share your posts!!

    It really makes a difference and allows for CT to advance more quickly into the future.

    Question: "Can I reply to a Discord topic?"

    Yes! You can treat it like any normal discussion and elaborate on the topic.

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    This seems like it could be great way to add new content. I hope it works out. In addition to the archival benefits and possibility of long-form discussions, posting stuff here also helps folks like myself who haven’t wanted to jump into the whole Discord thing.

    Perhaps content-generation through this means will engage more folks in discussions on the forum? It feels like participation lately is at as low of a level as I’ve ever seen it since being engaged with CT. I totally get it—it takes time to write posts that are thoughtful. But there has been some discussion about stagnation here lately, and I feel responsibility for it lies partially with the community as a whole, and not solely with auburn.

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