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    Hi y'all! ^_^ long time no 👀
    I've been away irl partying collecting data! myes 😉 aaand methinks I has a potentially valuable insight I wanna share..
    So, Fe is both Articulator and Social Shepherd. And while these aspects overlap and reinforce each other, I've seen it that in many cases where Ti leads the psyche one or the other is emphasized.
    It seems that depending upon factors like development of other functions, mental health, nurture, etc. Ti-leads will either develop strong writing skills (pure 'articulation') or strong social skills and more capacity for spoken articulation (the 'social-shepherd' stuff).
    This isn't a rule, of course, but I have noticed a pattern.
    I was speaking to my boyfriend, who's a TiNe of the same development as me, about this. As a double-extroverted type, he manages an extensive social network of probably a hundred people and is brilliant in his spoken explanation of things. But he mentioned how straining it is for him to write things down! And I realized this has always been the way of it for me too.. I've tried so many times throughout my life to keep a journal, but always fail after even just a few entries because of the degree of effort it takes. I can talk for hours upon hours though, rambling on about a theory or special interest until errybody leaves the room >,< I have a large social network as well, and actually find I gain energy from leading groups.
    I think of my TiNe friend Lynn also, who's one of our samples. His Si is conscious as a double-introvert, but from discussions we've had I think his Fe may take more priority for him. He describes the most important thing in his life as being his relationships and community, and indeed a good portion of his living comes from teaching gardening seminars. But he has a hard time with writing! I've worked with him a lot transcribing his spoken word into books, because it's much easier for him to speak than to write.
    Other Ti-leads I know and can think of are something of the opposite. They are brilliant writers, but feel strained when speaking and tend to have smaller social circles and spend less time with people in general. I've noticed they also tend to have more online friendships, where writing is the primary type of communication. This doesn't seem to be dependent on development, as out of all the Ti-leads I know, most of them have conscious Fe. And in cases such as Lynn, who's a double-introvert, his degree of introversion doesn't make him prefer writing over spoken word and real-time social connection. He just gets more emotionally fatigued than us double-extroverts lol XP
    I do think this segregation of Fe's expression is at least partly due to the limitations in social bandwidth Ti>Fe causes.
    Thinking of Fe-leads with conscious Ti, such as Jordan Peterson or Carl Sagan, in these cases it seems like both aspects of Fe are just as strong. They can speak, write and engage groups seemingly without limitation! 😀 I know several Fe-leads irl as well who write books and other long publications, and can talk non-stop or host a party every day of the week!
    How nice it would be to have such capacity.. *dreams* @.@
    This makes me curious if there's an equivalent tendency toward division of expression with Te for Fi-leads? Te handles articulation too, but how does that work with Fi in real-time? Is it likely for an Fi-lead to either be proficient at writing or spoken word? And is there any limitation to handling relationships or coordinating groups?.. thots? :3

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    That's interesting, I hadn't thought about it that way. I will follow your prompt by looking not at Fi-leads, but at Fe-leads. I posit that there is also a similar phenomenon going on. The two types of Ti seem to me to be a clarifying/critiquing/cleansing Ti and a more active castle-building/exploratory Ti. I almost exclusively engage in the first.
    I wonder, though, whether we are getting at a reviser/conductor difference, perhaps the kind of Ti that I find hard to engage in is the sort of revisor Ti that is inextricably linked to the operation of Pe, whereas in conductors it acts as a critic of the Worldview and implementation of the conductor agenda. Similarly, the shepherding Fe seems to me to be more accessible at the conductor level, where one is pushing a worldview into reality.

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