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    Before I post , I would like to apologize to you @auburn for the lashing of my exaggerated feelings and for barging in on CT aggressively a few months ago. My immature feelings and sense of self were still going through a transition. I hope it wasn’t too bad 😐🙂.
    I’ve been wanting to post for a while and been checking CT consistently. For CT, I just have little criticisms and suggestions here and there. However, I’ve been wanting to post on the psychic work I’ve been doing, somewhat related to CT.
    My forecast for approximately the next 50 years(for the U.S) has been gathered from my visions, tarot, astrology, and intuitive synthesis. What convinces me it’s truth, not wholly, but approximately, is the supranatural experiences I’ve had that some would call “spiritual.”
    Current Sidereal Chart
    Beginning with Trump, I have confirmed with Tarot that he will takeover America successfully. He is a manifestation of an amalgamation of barely under the surface psychological and systemic problems in America: of narcissism, problematic unconscious childhood conditioning, and stagnant, under the surface, proto-predatorial economic system.
    He is meant and destined to win in this system, to show it’s flaws, of which we are only seeing the beginnings.
    The unconscious rising to the surface of these latent American beliefs and their transformative rumble (which Trump was able to exploit) is represented by Pluto in Saggitarius in the sidereal chart, which is about to cross into Capricorn, which will be an equally transformati ve time where our public systems themselves, meaning, concrete public reality, will transform (die and change). This is accentuated by Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn as well, suggesting the same we have been seeing: even more economic and public limitations (Saturn), along with some breaks of luck (Jupiter) in between.
    This I have coincided with a vision wherein I see a woman hiding and anxious from the chaos she is seeing, then a bald white man with a rifle comes to her to shoot her and gets into a black truck to leave.
    Meaning Trump will takeover, his supporters will help him, chaos will ensue, public systems will crumble and more financial and public systems will be challenged and constricted.
    The violence is I see is represented by Mars and Uranus in Aries, mars represents a fighting aggressive planet and the fact that it’s in Aries, makes it even more aggressive for (Uranus) revolutionary reasons, meaning people being angry and being able to take it out on whatever and whomever. The fact that mars is squaring Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto shows that those public systems are going to try to quell this anger, but the fact that these systems are severely limited and undergoing transformation, means they will fail to stop this violence. It’s going to get ugly.
    On the side, you have Neptune (fantasy, religious mysticism, psyche) in Aquarius, which marks the rise of these new age scientific-like beliefs, like the belief in Starseeds, which is the claim that some souls come from alien civilizations and are incarnated here on earth as humans in order to advance the human race. Also the belief in a new advanced technological coming age/civilization, “Age of Aquarius”, is also represented by this. However, the Neptune shows that there is much of illusion and falseness in these claims. It also represents fanaticism, which also shows the cult-ish and religious side of these believers. On the other hand, it also represent the progress of psychological science (which we have seen in personality type systems and our understanding of psychological trauma). These two aspects might blend together in some scientifically-religious-psychological cult.
    To continue (and this information I accessed through tarot asking repeated questions), Trump is taking over, violence erupts from “both sides,” Trump uses his power to quell the violence, his supporters get mad at him, his supporters actually try to take him out of power after feeling betrayed, he claps back violently, then his old haters become his supporters, and now we have a proper authoritarian, tyrannical government in America. However, the army opposes this and takes over. America turns into separate city-states with warring armies. Whatever resources America had become depleted. Mostly everyone is homeless and in poverty. This whole narrative is represented by Pluto in Capricorn and it’s approximate length from now, its about to enter this week and staying in Capricorn right until 2041 then entering into Aquarius).

    While Pluto is in Capricorn, Neptune in Aquarius, which started in 2010, will move into Pisces in 2023 and stay there until 2036. The chart on the right shows 2037 chart instead of 2036 because of faulty astrological data.
    This is around where a second vision I had coincides: a young man kneels to surrender to what seems like “God” and the” beyond,” everything around him is in devastation, a man in black military-swat uniform and holding a gun tries to get through him forcefully. A big bulldozer shovels and drags hundreds of human bodies, similar to the videos of Nazi concentration camps shoving bodies into a pile to burn.
    This is where the New Agers coincide. I believe and have asked the Tarot to confirm that is is them. Mass suicide is what is indicated here, for some religious reason. I also believe, because of the vision, among other things, that most of the new agers will be millennials.
    This is represented by the progression of Neptune in Aquarius into Neptune in Pisces, where it represents that we will see supranatural, mystical phenomena ( and be misinterpreted by the New Agers ).
    Lastly, Pluto moves out of Capricorn, coming into Aquarius from 2041-2061. (The chart on the right is for 2065, but again, the astrological data is faulty).
    This is where I come in. I had a vision but I also asked the tarot. I am meant to lead some people out of here (America) until a time comes when we can come back to rebuild from what is left of the devastation.
    Vision: I see a guy in glasses directing or writing where some barrels are going to go. The place is a wasteland, people are working in the background building some kind of fortification. They have a sad expression, but they are also working together. -----People around a fire, chatting and dancing.
    Those who survive are meant to rebuild this place.
    Pluto in Aquarius suggests to me the time to rebuild, I don’t know why but it does. It’s too far to tell, it is just an indicator. What the New Agers’ thought the “New Age” is supposed to be probably starts here and it is very different than they probably expect and it’s not as easy they think. I only have like an inkling vision of it and its very “Utopian-like.”
    You don’t have to believe this or me. This is just a rough draft. I’m only like 30-40% certain of this timeline. And there are other pieces to the story that other seers have. I’m just meant to see what I am meant to see. When I say I ask Tarot, I am saying I am asking entities from beyond that I don’t quite understand yet (but that I do have some knowledge of: they are not angels nor are they aliens. They are from some psychic realm, whatever it is constitute our minds), nor do other people, though there is many religious paradigms that have attempted and are still attempting to understand.
    I suggest to have a backup plan during this time. If you live in the U.S, I advise you to leave if you can. I’m sorry if I am causing you fear, which I suspect  I am, due to the nature of what I am saying, but that is not my intention. Just informing from the work that I have done. If you have any question let me know. I assume things will play out similarly, but differently, in other countries.

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    Hi again,
    Just wanted to make my context clear, in case people have the wrong impression of me. I apologize for posting this so abruptly, but I followed my gut since I knew something was going to happen on Jan 6th (but not "what" exactly). I don't mean to be arrogant or pushy and I know I shouldn't expect anything. I was hoping for some response. I wrote this while on my "journey" into wherever these supranatural experiences is taking me. Meaning, I wrote this while I'm  homeless and living on a train. To tell you why I believe this I'll give an example of synchronicity: the first days I was getting accustomed to being homeless, I was guided (by my intuition and tarot) to stand quietly next to a bus stop and listen. What I experienced was city life going on, people passing by and taking picture of Chicago theater. A man behind me was playing the sax. I black guy next to me was screaming angrily about his money not being received. I saw black homeless people around too, one struggling to get up, another hiding his belongings. The juxtaposed view of white people taking pictures and enjoying themselves, ignoring the humans in need around them was stark. I remembered how "normalized" it was before to tend to ignore them, like they are just a backdrop. Anyway, out of nowhere a man screams "look here they are! I can see them! They are real!"
    Nobody responded. I knew what that was: the man was having a disturbance from his unconscious, not used to images coming in front of his eyes separate from reality. I asked the tarot, and it told me that this guy was going through a mental break down and that it signified what was coming for others too (because the guy wasn't homeless). I point this out because I feel we have gotten too comfortable with homeless people being crazy and overlook it. We all have a mental limit, a barrier which when overwhelmed caused us to "snap" in different ways. I had a big one in my life when my dreams weren't coming true and I was overburdened and overworked trying to "make it." I felt trapped without a way out and weed was kind of making me ignore all of it, although it was allowing me to analyze it in my mind. When I saw the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, I snapped because it was too overwhelming. It felt like I was able to feel all the pain and suffering the people were going through, like it was removed from time and space, in my eye/mind vision the people were figures of light and every time bullets went flying to them and hitting them, a pulse of hurt and pain pervaded them and I was crying like it was hurting my soul directly. It took a while to adjust to this and I went through periods of believing the FBI was after me; to believing that the world was ending (my old world (Pi) was definitely ending); to feeling reality imaginary, time either timeless or dragging; and to my sense of who I am feeling very distant and lost, unable to move in the world or to make sense of anything (imagine feeling everything deconstructed, a chair is not a chair anymore and it doesn't "feel" like a chair, it has no meaning and the experience is visceral, meaning it's direct experience, its not just me thinking it).
    While on the train close to midnight, trying to go to sleep among the other homeless there, mostly black, I heard a black girl shouting and at first I didn't know what she was saying, but it caught my attention because I can hear people's "soul" in their voices and I felt like she was saying "hear me". Then she would shout again. And she shouted repeatedly in intervals. She had already had a mental breakdown from what I perceived and she was rocking back and forth in her chair, shouting poetically (kinda like "spoken word") what she was seeing in her mind. She mentioned (because there was a lot of mumbling) torture, they want your soul to suffer, needles, police, youth, army, red flag, cold, concrete. There was more and when I saw her a second time on a different day in a different train and she was saying the same thing I had the vision of the guy surrendering to the beyond and the bulldozer shoving the pile of human bodies.
    These experiences give credence to me that I am following something and that I'm being guided. What I am doing is very different from my life before my breakdown when I was a lazy couch potato (living on movies, games, books and the internet).
    Anyway, I would like to know what you guys think of my prediction. Is it something you see as a possibility? or I'm just deluded? Do you think there are beings beyond us helping guide an unfolding plan/story? or do you think we are just lucky (or unlucky? lol) animals without a bigger plan or goal?  do you believe your life is meaningful or meaningless? Do you think humanity will look the same 50 years from now, meaning same culture, same world?
    p.s. I'm open to read your astrology for free: Western, Sidereal and Draconic. I prefer Sidereal, because I asked the Tarot and it said it was the most accurate (it corrects for the precession of the Earth to give the actual placement of the planets in each sign).  I compare Western astrology to MBTI in it level of accuracy. Either way, I use the Tarot to confirm the placements.
    Draconic astrology is like a natal chart for your soul, it shows the qualities you have built from past lives, which gives you an idea where you are going in this life (this is the one I'm most interested in). Here is an example of mine:
    Sun in Virgo: Awareness of clear minded truth, pure truth, benefic truth, light as truth. (Related obviously to my Ti lead cognition)
    Ascendant in Libra: Idealistic Humanitarian (Ti-Fe)
    Venus in Virgo: Love of truth (Ti again)
    Mercury/Uranus/Neptune Conjunct in Libra: Revolutionary Social Prophet (NiFe)
    Saturn in Sagittarius: Liking people rise from underdogs, believing wealth and abundance is deserved by all,  believing in the freedom of the soul and the belief to overcome any challenges. (SeFe)
    Mars in Aries: Independent, arrogant, fighter, narcissi tic, predator, extremely sexual, animalistic, violent, aggressive, cruel, manipulative, offensive, ravenous, fierce. (My deadly weapon; just Se)
    Chiron in Aries: Have traumatic experiences with my Mars in Aries.
    Jupiter in Gemini: intellectual, childlike, cold, genius, bubbly, eccentric, naïve, dramatic. (Ti+(Ni+Se)which sometimes looks like Ne)
    Moon in Cancer: Mother Archetype, likes to nurture and care for others, likes to be close and intimate, likes close and intimate groups, likes to love unconditionally and therefore forgives everything. Likes to protect and be supportive. Instinctual Empath, doormat. (Pure Fe, unconscious Fe)
    Pluto in Scorpio: Painful transformation and growth.

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