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    I have been trying to reconceptualize the energetic classes of functions in a more "natural" way. As much as I've read about the vultology of the energetic classes, I don't believe I've seen any discussion of a direct metaphor of body and mind. The basic outline of the metaphor is as follows:

    The nervous system can be segregated into four parts: the prefrontal cortex or the central nervous system in total, the arms and legs (extremities), the eyes and ears (sense organs in total), and the gut. Articulator types "think" with their hands and feet, their arms, their extremities. Worldview types "think" with their body, their gut. Explorer types "think" with their eyes, their sense organs. And Compass types "think" with their brain.

    What I'm proposing could be viewed as a helpful metaphor, though I hope that this is more than just a metaphor, but I only just thought of it, so I'm not going to get my hopes up. Alternatively, there could be detectable cognitive processes that correspond to different "embodied logics," that truly grant some sort of primacy to these four respective segments of the nervous system. (Our embodied cognition seems to be so much of what gives us a leg up over computers and modern AI.) The identification and measurement of these systems across different energetic types could potentially be done scientifically. I speculate that the mind's orientation toward these four segments could help unmask the biological underpinnings of cognitive type.
    Using this metaphor, we could say that an Explorer is oriented toward the “logic of the senses.” Alone, this sounds rather stupid. But given the complexity of the mind, this embodied way of thinking gets abstracted into higher order thought while maintaining an experiential focus.
    I think the three bifurcations between the energetic groups make sense using these terms as well. The gut and brain are introverted, dealing with information internally. The extremities and sense organs are extraverted, either grasping and manipulating the external world or receiving it. The brain and the extremities are discriminatory, saying yes or no to this or that. The sense organs and the gut have no choice but to take on whatever comes their way, though one may close one's eyes, but that's not the point. They are fundamentally "open." When it comes to conductors and revisers, I noticed the two groups correspond to above the neck and below the neck. I'm not really quite sure what to make of this one. Perhaps we can say that conductors are more "embodied," and revisers are more "heady." That doesn't quite seem satisfactory.
    I think this metaphor makes sense vultologically. Je really engages the arms and hands actively. Ji just about seems to freeze and engage no body parts. Pe actively engages the eyes. And Pi engages the torso, giving it a bit of a sway.
    It seems to make sense in terms of function hierarchy as well. The brain and the sense organs are most closely linked, at least positionally. But it's not only positionally, as the sense organs seem to be almost an extension of the brain. On the other side of the body, the arms and legs are positionally protruding from the torso, but also it seems that one's gut reaction to a thing serves as a call to action. And attention paid to the gut is attention taken away from the sense organs. There is a great deal of speculation going on here as I'm only just starting to think through this metaphor/hypothesis.
    A lot of this is just my trying to put thoughts to a page for the first time. Let me know what you think, if this makes sense, if this is totally stretching, if this is another way of looking at things but unlikely to bear scientific fruits, etc.

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