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Thank you @- Jannie for guiding me to this thread, highly relevant for what we were discussing.
At first I would never consider Ti or any function more free of  the egoic self than the others.  And when I say this it is only based on my idea of  what must be the truth – a Ti axiom. Its probably so that many  Ti users are not identified with their emotions, but being stuck in ideas is just as egoic as I see it.  It might even be that they first have to get in touch with emotions to even be in a state where it is meaningful to even talk about disidentifying  with them.
Interesting you say that Fi leads are most into meditation.  I think you are right (also yoga, self help of any sort, healthy food). Much like type 4’s are drawn to these things and are the most frequent type at self development courses.  There is a podcast on the net where a meditation instructor (Sam Harris) is doing a guided meditation with the Te lead Richard Dawkins.  Its very funny to hear Dawkins response afterwards.  He didnt have any experience of any sort,  it felt totally meaningless to him.  A Fi would probably experience something,  or even a lot, comfortable or uncomfortable.  So it could be more like a journey,  changes are experienced during the time sitting,  something different happens if relaxing the attention instead of trying to control/suppress thoughts/emotions and this gives rise to insight and so it becomes meaningful.

I tend to refrain from talking about myself in this regard as this destroys the whole picture.   I would be like the Fi group in this respect.   And to your question, Janni, “I thought I could subtly feel my body releasing stress hormones, in response to the attempt to repress feelings. Then I wondered, do Ti users not experience this?”,   Yes, certainly!
But again, that is me, probably many Tis will not experience it.  I do not use feelings as arguments, but I typically look to see if there shouldnt be an argument for the way I feel. And if there isnt I wait to see if  something has been overlooked (it can be years after I find that I can put a checkmark that the feeling didnt come from nowhere).   So the difference might be that I dont accept a hunch to be true without some evidence.  Actually I can be rather judgemental when people use emotional reasoning or trust an intuitive flash when all science contradicts it.  There was a hot tempered Te who said to me the other day that he was only interested in facts, not in opinions.  And something in me said, Yes, sir!

But to come back an idea I mentioned earlier,  might not be novel at all, but I havent seen it explicitly  expressed.  As I said elsewhere: As a Ti I dont see myself as not-Fi. (And as a Si user  I dont find myself not-Ni).  I do however find my self as not-Te !  As I find myself as not-Se!
It is described somewhere in an introduction that Fi and Ti has much more in common with each other than with any other function (same with Je, Pe, Pi).  Next, we know that Ti can integrate the polarity (Fe) to some degree,  but it cant really get access to Te at all.
So one could look for where one has experienced the most failure.  Its a little similar to the old jungian strategy, except for Jung problems in areas that are T would suggest F and so forth)  Here it would be different, if Te  is totally foreign to a person it could point towards Ti.
Jungians always tended to regard me as N because they saw me fail at S.  More precise it was probably a failure at Se AND Te (coming too late because I couldnt find my way etc.).   Probably nothing new in this, but it was also meant to make the point that maybe Ti and Fi are able to integrate each others characteristics to a degree where it just becomes more or less Ji ?  Its contrary to CT theory, but I *feel* it to be that way for me (or is it  just an interplay by Fe and Si ….  but isnt that like saying: This is not water, its just brint and helium)



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