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  • Type: TiSe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Directive

Thanks @q for replying. I’ve got nothing else to say for now.

Hi @animal! :3

I stated that those were the types I got from [sources] precisely to avoid an unnecessary layer of ambiguity: I don’t think any was conclusive.

But also, our typing in Enneatude was tentative and still in the works. We usually get to know someone and do a couple of rehashing sessions before committing to someone’s typing.

Well, there’s fault of my own because I am really slow at opening, especially if I don’t feel I’ve become familiar with the environment yet; which could also never happen. I’m such a lurker precisely because I need to observe a lot.

I think I emailed you the new link to the forum where we work now if you ever want to revisit. We have also learned a lot since then.

Yes! I’ve visited the website a couple of times, actually, with the intention of joining; but the fact that it’s a public place honestly makes me uncomfortable. ^^’

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