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February 8, 2020 | By Auburn

All media files ---such as animated GIFs, images and videos--- featured on this website belong to their respective owners. They are used under the FAIR Use Act as part of an ongoing facial analysis project for the purpose of research, education and scholarship. However, if your media content is being featured on this website and you are the copyright owner, and would like it removed, please email sandoval [ @ ] and we will be happy to remove the content.


The written articles, reading methodologies and practices featured on this website are the intellectual property of J.E. Sandoval. This policy outlines what can and cannot be done with Cognitive Typology’s (CT) written content, material and articles.
1. Copyright: All articles on this website are the copyright of Juan Sandoval, unless otherwise noted. The copying and repasting of CT contents without consent, whether in part or full, onto other websites or platforms will be considered a violation of this copyright.
2. Intellectual Property: The practices (such as the reading methodologies and psychoanalytical tools) outlined in the website content are the intellectual property of Juan Sandoval and are not to be used by other websites or projects without explicit consent.
3. Codifier Use: The use of the codifier tool ( ) is limited to vultologists and registered members of the site, for the purpose of open discussion among the community. It is not to be used for independent projects or websites outside of CT, nor as a source of income (such as via offering paid readings outside of CT’s protocol through our shop pages). The codifier, including its source code, is the copyright of Juan Sandoval.
4. Offshoot Groups: Offshoot groups that use CT’s proprietary material are discouraged. Alternative views regarding reading methodologies can freely exist among the community and its broader conversation, and you are at liberty to promote your own evidence or interpretation of the evidence. But attempts to siphoning away membership to another iteration of CT while relying on CT’s intellectual property will be seen as a violation of that intellectual property. If you are a member, your membership may be suspended and if the matter is sufficiently severe, legal measures may be taken.
5. Contribution Process: You are wholly encouraged to share your thoughts in the forum community discussion regarding any theoretical improvements. If your idea relates to a correction of the model, delineate your suggestion or hypothesis with supporting evidence. Tangible evidence for the proposed hypothesis is important, such as examples of new signals via GIFs, or celebrities that match the pattern being presented.
The evidence will be evaluated by the site owners, and if the hypothesis presented proves over time to be more accurate than the existing understanding, the website content and articles will be adjusted to reflect this change. This may not happen immediately, as corrections can involve the rewriting of articles, which takes considerable time investment.
a. Featured Threads: Other ways to contribute may involve featured threads. If a member writes a thread that presents valuable insights into the theory, its implications and/or implementations, the site owner may approach these individuals and ask whether their thread can be featured under the /articles/ section of the website. A link will be provided to the corresponding thread to promote its discussion and investigation. Please note that these threads are not official CT material, but are lines of investigation the site owner wishes to encourage.
6. Integration into the Model: If your featured thread — with time, greater testing and research — proves to be an essential/key correction or understanding of CT, the idea will be integrated into the core /wiki/ pages after making any necessary revisions to the thread’s formatting, in order to match the rest of the site’s appearance.

  1. If no major formatting or editing is necessary, your name will be given exclusive attribution.
  2. If this takes rewriting significant portions of it, then it will appear as co-authored by you and anyone else participating.
  3. If you would like to leave the writing and integration process wholly to CT, the wiki article will be written by CT and authorship will go to CT, but you will nonetheless be given credit in the article and in any future books/publications that contain your idea.
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