What really is Cognitive Type?

In brief, the Cognitive Type (CT) research project is an investigation into what elements of a person’s psychology can be reliably predicted by the analysis of facial expressions, body mannerisms, voice tone and gesticulation styles. The discernment of psychology through these face/body expressions is called vultology, and in our research we have found roughly 110 […]

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CT Methodology vs Jungian Typologies

In this article we’ll discuss where exactly CT stands in relation to all other psychometric and typological systems, as well as how it approaches its methodology & research. The Problem of Psychometrics Psychometric systems select the categories they wish to highlight, build conceptual definitions for those categories, then sort people according to those definitions. Examples […]

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Why we’re not the Best Judges of Ourselves

Recent advances in neuroscience are confirming hypotheses first posited by the early psychoanalysts of the 20th century (Freud, Jung, Adler) pertaining to how the aspect of our mind that we identify as the “self” or “I” plays only a minor role in the overall creation and direction of our brain functioning and thoughts/actions. Studies have […]

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