March 16, 2020 | By Auburn
This web application generates profiles corresponding to a person's vultology.
The highlighted profiles below are those currently available.

Ji Compass
TiSe, FiNe, FiSe, TiNe
Pe Explorer
SeTi, NeFi, SeFi, NeTi
Pi Worldview
NiFe, SiTe, NiTe, SiFe
Je Articulator
FeNi, TeSi, TeNi, FeSi
l--- l--- l--- l---
ll-- ll-- ll-- ll--
l-l- l-l- l-l- l-l-
l--l l--l l--l l--l
lll- lll- lll- lll-
ll-l ll-l ll-l ll-l
l-ll l-ll l-ll l-ll
llll llll llll llll

A forum exploring the connection between Jungian typology and body mannerisms.

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