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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Directive

I might want to revise this later on… I’ve been spending the most time trying to release ownership over every aspect of myself and every aspect of my mental world.

To kind of get a small sample… say someone says your a ‘bad person’. You don’t want to believe it is you, but can help feeling like it is you. You realize that you felt that someone else a ‘bad person’ in the past. Someone you had an emotion dispute with. Now you rethink your interpretation. Now you come to a new grand realization. Which partially involves you realizing how he’s not so different from yourself. Now you know that the person who says people are a ‘bad man’ is enabling himself to be affected the same way you were. As he/she is projecting what’s already in his/her mental world. In a nutshell you are own mental world. You are what you call other people. For reasons involving matters outside of CT and topology I am a ‘faggot parasite’ at this current time. What are you?

I’d say this likely uses Ni and some Ti both lead by Pe. So yeah my fixation.

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