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@greencoyote, I feel this too. I feel like my Ne thoughts are often tracings of would-be (could-be, and will-be) Te. It does seem the introverted and extroverted functions of the same orientation work to cover the same territory. My Ne speculates how things work, and Te actualizes and manifests it. The former is primal – the hunter-gatherer – and the latter is a boring agriculturalist, living in a civilized world, ensuring results. I am very intrigued with how the functions are structured with respect to one another – how they’re embedded, what subordinates to what, how they work with (and against!) one another, etc.

, I’ll have to check that out. I could hear what he has to say. Also, I just need to observe more closely how it happens in real life.

(Also, for Danny)
Secondly, nothing in this suggests Se/Ni to me:

“My inner world is very abstract. If you ask me to give you a concrete example from my life of a certain concept, I usually either have to look around in the concrete outer world to find something that matches the concept or fabricate an example using my concepts. Concrete experiences seem inaccessible and I don’t naturally produce a lot of associations or brainstorm. I don’t often do parody and even when I do attempt it the delivery falls flat because I don’t have a concrete impression to base it on.”

Inner world =/= Introverted functions. However, having an abstract internal inner world is very helpful in assisting Ne with spatial and mental transformations, manipulation of data. It may not feel like brainstorming. None of the Ne leads here relate to brainstorming. Perhaps it’s a bit of a fish in water thing. In any case the generating ideas part isn’t intentional; it just happens.

Lack of concrete impression is what gives Ne its parody-like quality (as the term “parody” is used by Auburn) opposed to say, Se, which copies things more exactly. My husband is NiTe, and he does tons of parodies, but CT would more likely call them “impersonations,” as they’re more calculated. His body never leaves his skin. He’s fully in it. It’s difficult and uncomfortable for me to explain this phenomena, but when I parody something, I kind of detach from the audience and my own skin. Though part of this is my shy Fi, and I think strong, secure Fe would mitigate this some for NeTi. When Fe leaves the body, it’s to attach itself to The Whole, the audience. When Ne leaves the body, it’s to be a speculator.

Edit: I cannot figure out how to close the “read more” tag so my side note isn’t derailing.

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