FiNe l—

FiNe l— Seelie Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

Here we see what the FiNe looks like with just the first function conscious. There’s an exceedingly passive, recessive energy at play as well as a giddy bashfulness and reviser doubt. The body hesitates, the eyes dart around, there are long drawn out pauses between sentences or words, and a strong sense of privacy that is also simultaneously delicate. When they retreat inward, it does not neutralize emotions (Fi) but instead augments them in a personal way (Fi).

These four above have a very consistent vultology, and I was happy to see that consistency. It’s far more introverted than I originally thought, but it’s perfectly in line with the TiNe analog. Indeed, FiNe l— is highly comparable in vultology to the TiNe l—. Here is an (exclusive) video of me back when I was TiNe l— to compare to:

The l— Ji-lead is exceptionally recessive.
And I think this operates as a very functional baseline from which to build forwards.

FiNe l— Unseelie Female


Now as a contrast, here we see Julie who has a bit more Te ‘snap’ to her movements than the other samples. Her voice is also more pinched, but her energetics are still highly contained (Ji)… and include reviser doubt, eye-toggling, etc. What’s curious to me is that her ego appears not to rest in Fi, but instead in Te. She would be FiNe-Te l—, and is most proud of her success in her competitive career in aviation. This is the other side of the FiNe: their Te. It’s not uncommon for FiNe’s to excel in technical careers, as we’ll get to further down.

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