Energetic Abilities

Energetic Abilities/Talents

Conscious function development, as visually determined, relates to the capability to…

—– exist in real-time,
—– think on your feet,
—– react to change,
—– be spontaneous,
—– have wit/humor,
—– explore,
—– take in new data immediately and flow with it
—– bounce back up after a disappointment
—– act, when action is necessary of you
—– get things done
—– speak fluently and rapidly without being clamped, having good rhetorical ability
—– debate/argue effectively
—– teach, and maybe lead if called upon to
—– think pragmatically
—– withdraw and scrutinize inner realities for alignment to a personal ‘purity’ sense
—– delicately parse things out
—– form castles and crystallizations
—– nurture an inner world of sound axiomatic frameworks
—– form idealisms and self-identities
—– honor the self above the collective, and not yield to outer pressures
—– hold to true north despite it being impractical or outwardly ‘wrong’
—– take things easy, with moderation rather than ‘thirst’ or ambition
—– have temperance, an appropriate sense of ‘pace’
—– have a panoramic view of the situation (tied to history and world events), not just the moment
—– not get ahead of oneself and be impulsive
—– avoid unnecessary risks

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