Publication: Vultology and Career Statistics

Abstract Preliminary research into facial micro-expressions and mannerisms (vultology) demonstrates a statistical leaning toward specific career paths among individuals who share the same expressive profile. Facial analysis using the CTVC (Cognitive Type Vultology Code 1.1) was used on 537 public and/or celebrity figures, grouping the subjects together into eight categories based on similarities in their […]

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Publication: Vultology Parallels among Identical Twins

Abstract Preliminary research aims to uncover whether facial expressions and mannerisms (vultology) are more heavily determined by environmental upbringing or genetic factors. Facial analysis using the CTVC (Cognitive Type Vultology Code 1.1) was used on twenty pairs of identical twins; measuring similarities in voice tone, facial muscle contractions and body movements. This included five pairs […]

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