Metabolism: Practice Principles

The Metabolic Principle The metabolic principle states that any idea or thought can be arrived at through the combined use of all energetic quadrants (Je/Ji/Pe/Pi) and four attitudes (T/F/N/S) when used in an individual, whether they’re coming from Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta. Each quadrant has all faculties available for the creation of any point of view. There is […]

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Metabolism: P Functions

Metabolism of P Functions Information Properties Definitions S Short Cycle of Decay (Real-Time) A short cycle of decay means that the information properties vanish from awareness after a brief amount of time. Thoughts go in and go out. The moment transpires and refreshes the “frames” of reference suspended in consciousness. This eliminates previous observations and […]

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Metabolism: Attitudes

Metabolism of Attitudes Operation Processing Subjective Experience T Abiotic Logical Dissociated F Biotic Ethical Affected N Extrapolative Abstract Surreal S Literal Concrete Real Definitions Attitude = The “attitudes” are so named because, at the highest level of sophistication, each one’s point of view represents an equally valid but opposed opinion that we can only side […]

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Metabolism: Energetics

Metabolism of Energetics Metabolic Function J Differentiation P Data Synthesis Energetic Vector Orientation E Proactive Object-Oriented I Reactive Subject-Oriented Energetic Functions Emergent Aim Emergent Method Je proactive, object-oriented differentiation Utility Execution Ji reactive, subject-oriented differentiation Alignment Diagnosis Pe proactive, object-oriented synthesis Novelties Exploration Pi reactive, subject-oriented synthesis Predictability Narrative Preliminary Metabolic Function = A cognitive […]

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Metabolism: Overview

Information Metabolism The following chapter has been imported from the Cognitive Type book and made freely available online. It provides a technical explanation for the information metabolism that define each core element of the model, independent of any behaviors. Type, as you’ll read below, is a cognitive equation capable of producing infinite (although thematically linked) […]

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