Hierarchy as Ontological Priority

Cognition as Phenomenology The world as it appears before us (our phenomenology) comes with implicit ontological assumptions that are predicated on our functions and functional hierarchy. Now, this phenomenology is pre-epistemic, so a person’s learned epistemic viewpoint may actually be at odds with their phenomenological reality. Cognitive type is pre-thought, which means that thoughts, as […]

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Metabolism: Practice Principles

The Metabolic Principle The metabolic principle states that any idea or thought can be arrived at through the combined use of all energetic quadrants (Je/Ji/Pe/Pi) and four attitudes (T/F/N/S) when used in an individual, whether they’re coming from Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta. Each quadrant has all faculties available for the creation of any point of view. There is […]

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Metabolism: P Functions

Metabolism of P Functions Information Properties Definitions S Short Cycle of Decay (Real-Time) A short cycle of decay means that the information properties vanish from awareness after a brief amount of time. Thoughts go in and go out. The moment transpires and refreshes the “frames” of reference suspended in consciousness. This eliminates previous observations and […]

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Metabolism: Energetics

Metabolism of Energetics Metabolic Function J Differentiation P Data Synthesis Energetic Vector Orientation E Proactive Object-Oriented I Reactive Subject-Oriented Energetic Functions Emergent Aim Emergent Method Je proactive, object-oriented differentiation Utility Execution Ji reactive, subject-oriented differentiation Alignment Diagnosis Pe proactive, object-oriented synthesis Novelties Exploration Pi reactive, subject-oriented synthesis Predictability Narrative Preliminary Metabolic Function = A cognitive […]

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Metabolism: Overview

Information Metabolism The following chapter has been imported from the Cognitive Type book and made freely available online. It provides a technical explanation for the information metabolism that define each core element of the model, independent of any behaviors. Type, as you’ll read below, is a cognitive equation capable of producing infinite (although thematically linked) […]

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