Why you’re probably not “INxx” in CT

Why you're probably not INxx in CT The vast majority of people who come into the Cognitive Type community come ...
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What really is Cognitive Type?

In brief, the Cognitive Type (CT) research project is an investigation into what elements of a person's psychology can be ...
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CT Methodology vs Jungian Typologies

In this article we'll discuss where exactly CT stands in relation to all other psychometric and typological systems, as well ...
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Why MBTI Mistypes Everyone

Before we begin this topic we must define "What is a mistype?" Cognitive Type and MBTI are two separate systems, ...
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Psychoanalytical System

Human variability is potentially infinite, but it is infinite within certain fixed parameters. Just as the number 1.666... can be ...
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Developmental Journey

As we are each drafted into this life and into a society we did not select, the greatest pressure we ...
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Socionics’ Relationship to CT

This article is not yet written, however there is a discussion about this topic here: And for a brief ...
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Humorism’s Relationship to CT

This page is not yet written, however in the meantime you can visit this forum thread for a discussion on ...
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Understanding loved ones & Misdiagnoses

How much does type factor into the diagnoses we or our loved ones end up receiving at the psychiatrists' office? ...
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Who’s the Ideal Pairing for my Type?

Is he the right one for me? Have I found my soulmate? Or will differences in our nature cause irreconcilable ...
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Self-Improvement and Self-Mastery

People often ask me, how do I develop (this) function? Or, how can I bring all four functions into consciousness? ...
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The fundamental principle of the cosmos is duality. For every upswing, there is a downswing; creating oscillation/waves. For every positive ...
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Why we’re not the Best Judges of Ourselves

Recent advances in neuroscience are confirming hypotheses first posited by the early psychoanalysts of the 20th century (Freud, Jung, Adler) ...
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Who is Jordan Peterson and Why does it Matter?

Since the mid 1900's, Carl Jung has fallen out of favor in the realm of psychology. Few university classes speak ...
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“Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”

We've all heard it said at some point in our lives "don't judge a book by it's cover", but what ...
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Overview of Facial Analysis & Psychology

In the rise of our modern scientific era, Charles Darwin was among the first to notice and document the connection ...
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Transitioning from MBTI to CT

Please Note! This article is outdated, as the 64 Subtypes system has been superseded by the psychoanalytical (1024) system. But ...
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Career Predictions based on CT

Please Note! This article is outdated, as the data used in this study was gathered before the recent refinements via ...
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How Intrinsic Is Type?

How intrinsic is type? How much of "you" are you born with and how much is shaped or created by ...
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Are There Really Only 16 Types?

Are there really only 16 types of people in the world? Of course not. There are as many types of ...
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What is Vultology?

Vultology Vultology: (A hybrid word from the Latin “vultus” face and Greek “logos” knowledge) is the study of facial expressions ...
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Myths of Transcendence

This post is not yet written, but here is some related material: In this thread I hope to highlight the ...
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Pi: Senex/Crone & Pe: Puer/Puella

This article is not yet completed ...
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Je: King/Queen & Ji: Prince/Princess

King/Queen & Prince/Princess To understand why Je and Ji are designated as the King/Queen and Prince/Princess respectively, we have to ...
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King, Prince, Senex, Puer

The Articulator: The King/Queen THE MORAL CHARACTER: Passionate Competitive Dominating Aggressive Prideful Exacting Critical Self-Challenging Success-Oriented Unyielding Devoted The King ...
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J: Order vs P: Chaos

Disclaimer: I don't know how successful this will be, but this will be my first lucid attempt to explain my ...
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The Fisherman’s Sons

A fisherman had two sons named Armin and Merlin, and when they came of age he brought them out into ...
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The Faceless Prince

T here was once a prince who lived in a palace filled with ceremonies and festivals. The prince was brought ...
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The Picky Princess

O nce there was a picky princess. Her clothes were always pretty and her laces, shoes and dresses were always ...
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The End of the West

T here was once a boy who asked too many questions, and his mother did not have the wits to ...
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The Gold Plated Kingdom

T there was once a great city with a king who loathed to see peasants lying on the streets and ...
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