Vultology Signature

A vultology signature refers to a pattern of vultology that is persistent across time within a person or persons. Although no body movement is unavailable to anyone, all people have a vultology signature that accounts for the vast majority of their bodily expressions. A vultology signature is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is a quantifiable attribute of a person, just like voice tone or gait. We each have one, whether we say anything more about what that implies about our minds.


A person’s vultology signature can be identified by looking at videos of them across time. The more video footage is available, the more precisely the signature can be mapped out as the aggregate/mean of all the video footage available. Thus, the accuracy of a vultology analysis rises proportionally to the amount of footage available.

Psychological Hypothesis

In the CT Model, it is hypothesized that people who share a vultology signature also share psychological properties with each other because their bodily expression has a common cognitive origin. The specifics of what constitutes one signature and another is subject to ongoing investigation, but the main hypothesis can be summarized abstractly as such: The more similar two people’s vultology signatures are, the more likely they are to match in terms of their psychology, behavior and lifestyle.

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