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Vultology is one of four domains of the Cognitive Typology Model. The purpose of this domain is to gather raw data on human body mannerisms, micro-expressions and voice tone, and to organize the data according to naturally occurring signal clusters. From there the aim is to extract principles that reflect the data’s self-organization, and which can be tested with each new sample. The currently held principles of vultology are as follows:

Basic Principles

  1. While all humans have access to the entirety of the human expressive profile, the vast majority of an individual’s bodily expressions will concentrate around a limited perimeter of expressions. We call this limited perimeter someone’s “personal signature” (PS).
  2. For the vast majority of people, their PS will remains within another broader, but still finite, perimeter for the course of their lifetime. We call this lifetime perimeter their vultological type (VT).
  3. All identical twins measured so far share the same vultological type, suggesting that this finite perimeter of bodily expressions is innate, rather than culturally acquired. While cultural differences can play a role in shaping the outcome of a person’s expressions, innate dispositions overpower cultural aspects.

Energetic Principles

  1. When humanity’s collective PS’s are divided into a spectrum across two axes — Proactivity-Reactivity & Rigidity-Fluidity — they concentrate more heavily at the extremes of these two axes, rather than at the center. This creates a natural visual typology. These four groupings are called the energetic quadrants: Proactive-Rigidity (Pr), Reactive-Rigidity (Rr), Proactive-Fluidity (Pf), Reactive-Fluidity (Rf). The majority of people will have one of these quadrants as their dominant energetic, with moderate or low use of the other four.
  2. The dominant energetic will be easy and natural to embody, with no signs of bodily stress. We call this a person’s native-state.
  3. The lower three energetics can spike above the primary energetic for brief periods of time, but the primary energetic will pull the body’s energy back to it as a baseline. These spikes are called moments of modulation, and the pull-back to the baseline energy is called the person’s energetic toll.

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