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Ego Complex

From V, L and -os (extroversion suffix). A personified name for Vl+, when manifested as a character in the psyche. While Vl+ refers specifically to a mode of information computation, Valos refers to the ego-complex that emerges from that computation as it unfolds across the whole psyche. The hinge commitments of Vl+ comprised the core tenants of the complex, but this may expand to include other psychic material which is complementary to those commitments.

Psychological Role

Valos is a natural and inevitable emergence from Vl+ operating in the psyche across time, giving rise to the seat of personality. For the Vl+ type, this is the character that the psyche plays most regularly. It is synonymous with lived experience, as all of a Vl+’s actions follow from its epistemological premise. Thus, this core complex cannot be destroyed any more than the ego can be permanently eliminated from the psyche. However, Valos can come under the attack of other internal or external psychic components which may threaten the sanctity of this ego complex.

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