Unofficial Readings

Unofficial Readings

The website is where official typings are given (such as via: and where the proper time and detail is spent analyzing your video footage. While attempting to type celebrities is welcomed, visual typings of members done casually on Discord are generally discouraged and there are several reasons for why this is:

1. Uncertified Readers:

The Discord community has members who are either new, also learning how to read people, or at various degrees of competence. As such they don’t necessarily represent the reading methodology of the CT model. Typings done via Discord will vary, to some degree, from a proper report in their detail and thoroughness.

2. Vibe Typing / Qualia Typing:

Readings done via Discord videos encourage “vibe typing”, which relies on qualia to get a jist for a person’s type, rather than checking all possible signals available. This goes against the CT methodology, as vibe typing’s proven to be unreliable, and which is why a more precise methodology has needed to developed. This doesn’t mean that a vibe typing will automatically be wrong, but it should be considered little less than a first impression.

3. Quick (and Dirty) Opinions:

Even for experienced readers who are simply not taking enough time, errors can be made by cutting corners in the fast-pace of a chatroom. Typings take a lot of work and involve cross-checking the information from multiple angles to ensure full consistency. Even for our best readers, typings can be inaccurate unless at least 30+ minutes are spent carefully parsing out the information and checking against the database. Subtle variations such as in development levels can make the difference between one type and another.

4. Missing a Signal Breakdown:

In cases where there might be signal mixing, it’s essential to have a PDF signal breakdown to be able to discuss what is being seen, how often, and at what timestamps. One or two mixed signals may still be overwhelmed by two or three times as many signals in the opposite axis, if looked at closely. But vibe typing causes selective attention, and leads to easier fixation on a few stray cues whenever there is signal mixing. An official signal report forces the practitioner to combat against the natural effects of selective attention, to know just how much margin of error is involved, and what it is.

5. Estimated Accuracy?

Overall, you may expect a casual reading to have an estimated probability of accurate typing at or below 70%~, while our current vultology report process is demonstrating a 90% consensus among our best vultologists, in controlled tests. For those who truly wish to know their type, there is no shortcut around a proper analysis, and the time investment necessary to make that assessment rigorous and complete. Getting officially typed through our video submission process is the only way to know for sure what your Cognitive Type is.

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But it’s too expensive! 🙁

We completely understand that many people live on a budget, and for that reason the lowest-cost reading option is set to $30, which is just enough to cover the labor/time cost of a reading, without any additional price inflation or overhead. If it was any lower, the time investment would not be worth it to the practitioner. The CT model is not aimed at making big profits, but only in sustaining itself financially in order to continue its research.

Even when not factoring in the level of detail, accuracy and methodological rigor that CT executes, compared to other systems which may not provide a justification for their metrics, it remains highly competitively priced. While many automated online psychometric tests (such as the Kolbe Index ($55) and official Myers-Briggs ($49)) cost far more with no human involvement, a personalized human-graded report in CT is currently set to $30 with a detailed GIF breakdown being $60.

And when compared to other personalized typing services provided online, which commonly range between ~$150-$200 for a typing, the difference becomes even more striking. Our low bar of entry shows our commitment to affordability.

No amount of money…

But it is not just the price that matters, it’s the accuracy of the results. We believe we’ve come across a level of accuracy that no amount of money could compare to elsewhere. Even for $200 you wouldn’t get the results that can be attained through our methodology for a fraction of the cost. And this is because of our objective foundation, which:

  • Dramatically Decreases Time: Visual readings, under an experienced practitioner, can convert what was once hours of time needed to familiarize oneself with a person, down to 10-15 minutes for the same level of insight. More hours will still add even further clarity, but an archive of hundreds of rightly-type people, to compare against, allows for the rapid identification of visual and psychological patterns.
  • Increases Objective Measurement: The use of an empirical check-point causes the reading team to have repeatability and consistency, allowing for classification to be exact and dependable. Having an objective metric accelerates the error-checking process, and ensures that mistypings are corrected right away. It triangulates against psychological information and  that allows for a stronger foundation at each step.

These innovations are what allow Cognitive Type to have a highly competitive price point, while also having higher accuracy than other systems which are also approximating at the same essential intuition that lay beneath Carl Jung’s work. We look forward to seeing your video and sharing with you what your body mannerisms say about your psyche.

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