TiSe llll

TiSe llll Directive Male


This shows a llll development, with all four functions visible at conscious levels and with comparable ratios of expression. This is very unusual and counter-intuitive. So much is happening in the video that it is hard to make heads or tails out of out. But I find that there are two creative ways to frame the llll vultology which help wrap my head around it. We can say one one hand that Faeruss is like lll- Elon Musk but with conscious Je, or we can say he is like Sam Harris if he had Pe. In either case, the result is more or less the same.

It may be easier to showcase it by breaking down the signals by function:

Ti Default Core

Se+Fe Conscious

Ni Conscious

Ni+Fe Conscious

TiSe llll Adaptive Male


It’s fainter than with Faeruss, but I think in certain interviews Elon Musk also displays Fe at considerable levels of consciousness. Being adaptive, there is less force to his Je gesticulatinos, but we see them display angularity and forwardness (rather than P casual hands).

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