TiSe lll-

TiSe lll- Adaptive Male


Now we have the lll- development, or J(PP) which is the benchmark for the maximal P energy that can exist in a TiSe. The entirety of the Se/Ni axis is contained within a Ti hierarchy. One way to visualize Elon Musk’s development is as l-l- Michael Pitt, with a pinch of Pe thrown in. Try imagining Pitt with Pe, and you get Elon.

To demonstrate this more precisely, here are a few GIFs showing the various aspects at play. It’s a bit difficult to parse them out exactly, since Ti+Se+Ni are all happening at once, but here is a partial attempt:


^ J-lead Rigid Body + Ji Eyes Disengage Down
We see Ti as the retreat-point for Elon in all his videos, with a constant habit of deflating, as well as stopping to meticulously construct the next sentence. This also leads to hesitation in the form of stuttering and re-wording. And from this initial place, we have:


^ Pe Bubbling Momentum + Pe Body Swaying
Movement is added via Se with side-to-side swaying, and animation.


^ Ni Inertia + Ni Zone-out
Lastly, we have Ni’s influence in making his posture even more fluid and viscous, while still never breaking free of Ji’s control of the body.


It goes without saying that Elon Musk is another Ace example, having the same sort of ambitious drive we see in Taylor Swift and Jared Leto, but with high-level success in three major industries (re: Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City) and several minor ones. His focus, as admitted in interviews, is a return to first principles thinking, and constructing solutions as a sort of reverse-engineering project, after the “Ideal” has been properly formulated. This is a very Ji sort of approach. Elon is, despite all appearances, not a typical Je-lead CEO. He’s a Ji-lead CEO with high levels of pain tolerance, zeal, passion… driven to bring the world of reality (Je) closer to a pure inner vision (Ji+Ni) of the future.

He is a bit of an senex/oracle, if you follow his work, and has aspects of Ni’s Apocalyptic Visions. He believes A.I. has a high chance of destroying humanity, is wary of humanity not surviving a catastrophe without a second home (Mars), and also feels we are most likely living in a simulation.

But at the same time, he’s a bit of an Se trickster, and enjoys upsetting the status quo. He names a company “The Boring Company”, funds it using hat sales, then not-a-flamethrower sales. He launched his Tesla Roadster into space, and is known for his twitter antics, smoking weed on Joe Rogan’s podcast.. and he appears indifferent to all of it.

This is also why it makes sense that his Fe is not as conscious as his other functions, despite his insane drive. He doesn’t really integrate Fe values such as a management of social dynamics, marketing, PR departments, etc. Much like TiNe Noam Chomsky, he opposes those things in (Ti) principle. And yet, I would say his ego association is in Fe, due to the mythologized relationship he has to it. He’s a very fascinating, multifaceted, paradoxical individual.

TiSe lll- Directive Male

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