TiSe ll–

TiSe ll– Adaptive Female


Here we see the ll– development, where the TiSe gains the momentum provided by Se. My primary task is to differentiate these from SeTi so I’ll be focusing on how Se looks beneath a Ji structure. First, here are a few GIFs of them in their Ti default state:

Ti Default Core

^ J-lead Rigid Body + Ji Momentum Halt + Ji Meticulous Fingers

^ J-lead Rigid Body + Ji Momentum Halt + Ji Eyes Disengage Down

^ J-lead Rigid Body + Ji Momentum Halt + Ji Eyes Disengage Down
And here are a few GIFs of Pe momentum in action.

^ Pe Bubbling Momentum + P Casual Hands

^ Pe Bubbling Momentum + Pe Body Swaying

^ Pe Bubbling Momentum + P Casual Hands
Just like the TiNe ll– samples, we see the same neutralization and return to inaction (Ti core) as with the l— samples… but with the capacity to veer away from that into fluidity in small bursts. The important distinction is that the body is always deflating by default, and these casual hands and body sways are stacked atop of a rhythm that is seeking to ‘land’ and ‘stop’ in some more rigid place. The opposite is true of SeTi vultology which is in a constant drift, and has to take an intermission in order to “halt”. We can see this in GIFs of SeTi ll– such as:

^ Pe Bubbling Momentum …leading into Ji Momentum Halt

This GIF is kinda long but there are two parts to it. The first part of it is Pe-lead eye-centricity, ongoing movements, bubbling momentum, eye-toggling (Se head-eye parallel motion). But notice the nature of the transition to the second half of the GIF (Ti). Rather than it being a retreat into a Ti core, with the kind of delicacy and poise we see in the above samples, it appears that Jetplane simply gets throttled in his body rhythm. There’s an almost elvish quality to native Ti and a sense that the halting momentum is self-initiated. For TiSe’s their Ti has a “coming home” qualia, which we don’t see in Jetplane.

^ P Body Swaying + Ongoing Movements …leading into Ji Momentum Halt

We see a less extreme example here but I still want to include it. The GIF again has two parts, with the first being a general P-lead gliding body rhythm, which just slows down more until it’s driven internally. When Ti-leads retreat internally, there’s a sense of absolute abandon of the external. The object is rejected outright, for the pursuit of some inner impression which is coveted as a place of relief. I am sorry for using such qualia-heavy terms here but I hope the distinction comes through? If it helps, try reviewing the sets of GIFs above a few times, and look for these tell-tale signs. It really hits you after the second or third time.


There are a lot of actresses here. But like with other types, I tend not to give the occupation of actor/actress much weight due to us having so many actors from our hollywood-heavy sample pool. But for our one non-actor here, Skylar Grey, we see a few similar themes to Taylor Swift. A focus on self-sufficiency, to the degree of isolating herself in the woods and being one’s own writer, singer, producer, etc. Resisting dependency on others. Ji-leads appear to like taking control over the entire pipeline of an art production, or as much of it as possible. This isn’t a given, as other artists and musicians are typically more open to work in groups and bands. Ji-lead musicians, including FiSe’s and FiNe’s, appear to like going “solo” more, even though some Pe-leads do so too. I hope to have more to say on this vultology as more non-hollywood samples arrive.

TiSe ll– Adaptive Male


Here we see ll– Kilian, who displays the same combination of delicate Ji poise, with an added layer of Pe energy that emerges only in little bursts before it deflates back to a receding energy. Here are a couple GIFs showing the two states:

^ J-lead Rigid Body + Ji Poise + Ji Momentum Halt

^ Se Intense Eyes + P Body Swaying + P Casual Hands

Unlike the l— samples above, Kilian does break into Pe signals on occasion, rather than remaining always still. But the default state he returns to is still very apparent. No Je development, as was expected! It would be interesting to flesh out the description of the TiSe ll– by learning more about you. :)

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