TiSe ll-l

TiSe ll-l Adaptive Female / The Poised Actor


Now here we see the TiSe displaying the maximal amount of extroverted energy, with both Se+Fe conscious. Due to this presence of double-extroversion, the net effect of this development will be on par with, or perhaps exceeding, the baseline energy of a native l— extrovert. Here are a few GIFs showcasing the development:

Je Conscious

^ Je Gesticulations + Ji Meticulousness

^ Je Gesticulations + Ji Meticulousness
As we saw with the l–l types, we see a firmness and angularity to their hand gestures; a force behind them. But what we also see atop of that force is a level of playful bubbling Pe energy to complement it:

Je+Pe Conscious

^ Pe Bubbling Momentum + Je Gesticulations + Ji Meticulousness

^ Pe Bubbling Momentum + Je Gesticulations + Ji Momentum Halt

Here we see both Zoe and Taylor amping up at the beginning of the GIF, then returning to a more naturally receding energy by the end of the GIF. We can tell that this level of energy is non-native due to the compensation in the body. Not just in Zoe and Taylor, but in all the samples above, we see exertion and exhaustion. The energy does not come from the body itself, but from a sort of will to manifest it. The TiSe understands the need to convey with their body a message, and uses it as an asset for their expressiveness.


These types (Poised Actors) will often be ESF in temperament (due to the Se+Fe conjunction), able to navigate social situations with grace, tact and enthusiasm. Emma Anzai from Sick Puppies is known for her dramatic on-stage performances, as is Taylor Swift and occasionally also Zella Day. But much like the TiNe Socially Present, this development is a heavy modulation. There is often a need or conviction that propels their expressiveness. It’s more deliberate, coordinated and calibrated than the ESF qualia we get from SeFi or even SeTi l-l- types.

TiSe ll-l Directive Female


And here we have our dear member Jelle, who I need to get a better video of! But I’ve placed this one here for the time being. Most of the aforementioned applies to her as well. Previously the TiSe was not understood to have such fire or capacity for social presence, both of which Jelle has mentioned having and which seemed to suggest native extroversion at first. But from what I can tell, this exists in most TiSe’s as well, in a particular form that is Pe+Je.

And there is also the factor, which was overlooked before, that auxiliary Se gives the TiSe a baseline level of contact with the objective, as opposed to the TiNe.. which has been the baseline Ti-lead definition for CT out of a limited scope of understanding, but which now has to be relativized against what we see of real TiSe samples.

TiSe ll-l Adaptive Male

TiSe ll-l Directive Male


For the male examples, we have a fully realized Marques Brownlee and Christian Hudson (Pickup Artist). Christian fits the bill of Poised Actor best, being one who crafts his persona very meticulously to achieve certain outcomes. The level of sensational finesse that Marques devotes to his analysis of smartphones is the same level of acuity that Christian devotes to his persona. Both are animated, capable, expressive, and exist in the spotlight. As more samples come in, I hope this definition can also expand.

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