TiSe l—

TiSe l— Directive Male

TiSe l— Directive Female


We begin with the TiSe l— samples which, admittedly, could be a larger in numbers. But I hope it’s at least enough to establish a baseline? Just as with the FiNe samples and TiNe samples, the l— baseline is elusive because for some reason Ji l— are generally unavailable to the public eye until they develop a Pe or Je function. Above we see Jared Leto and Taylor Swift in their default states, but I will also be showing videos below of them modulating up their functions.

We see in all three samples a very comfortable receding posture, a nativity in inaction, a delicacy and poise, and what we call the Ji “spine” that sits at the center of their convictions:

Ti Default Core

^ J-lead Rigid Posture + Ji Momentum Halting + Ji Eyes Disengage Down

^ J-lead Rigid Posture + Ji Momentum Halting + Ji Eyes Disengage Down

^ J-lead Rigid Posture + Ji Momentum Halting + Ji Eyes Disengage Down

I’d like to skip to the end, and begin with a psychoanalysis of Jared and Taylor, who I think can set the tone for what TiSe’s are like in general. As poised and reserved as they appear here in their default state, both are known to be extremely hands-on and devoted to their craft. Jared Leto shows insane levels of Ji perfectionism by immersing himself fully in his roles, to the point of losing high levels of weight, putting on weight, and living life as a trans woman Rayon on and off camera to embody the part and not break the immersion. A quote from him:

“I feel like she became a person, a real person,” he said. “Especially because I was so deep inside of her. I really feel like I got to know this person. It became like a living, breathing life. It was a once-in-a-lifetime role.”

I’d then like to juxtapose this behavior against Taylor Swift who, at the age of ~12 began trying to get a label, and got her family to move cities at age 14 to pursue her ambitions. She too is very hands-on with her music, and is easily goaded into things when someone tells her she can’t do them. This is a common theme we’ll see in this thread, as TiSe’s tend to have this passion for mastery than can become obsessive.

Additionally, much like FiSe Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift puts on enormous shows and tours that would, in typical typology nomenclature, designate one as a native extrovert. Yet she admits to spending all her non-music hours sitting at home watching with her two cats, and is reserved and reclusive in person. There is a mismatch between the extremity of the craft and the placidity of the personality behind it. It would seem to me like TiSe’s simply have the devotion and willpower to press into the fires, in opposition to their own energetics, and this is not unrelated to the Mind-over-Body theme we see in the Beta quadrant.

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