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TiSe l-ll Directive Male


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This development is one that has both conductor functions conscious (Fe+Ni) within a reviser type. I place TiNe l-ll Noam Chomsky here for comparison to give a sense of context as Sam Harris is our only TiSe sample. Here are a few GIFs showing the signals that we see:

Ti Default Core

^ Ji Momentum Halt + Ji Meticulous Hands
Ni Conscious

^ Ni Zone-out + Pi Inertia
Ni+Fe Conscious

^ Je Gesticulations + Pi Inertia + Pi Zone-out

Harriss is a curious case as he lacks reviser doubt and any sense of Pe animation. Usually even a subconscious auxiliary Pe shows its influence, but the combined effect of Pi+Je consciousness removes that energy largely from Sam Harris. And just like with Noam Chomsky, there is a scholarly Pi+Je qualia that emanates, yet it stems from a meticulous Ji origin.


We see the effects of this lack of reviser doubt in his philosophy, which operates as a spectrum of certainties and has closes the door to certain avenues. With conscious Ni, sometimes possibilities are no longer entertained if their probability seems to have fallen below a given threshold to the individual. For Harris this applies to subjects of supernatural phenomena, the nature of religions and the existence of God. There is a narrowness and closure on these topics due both to his Ti’s principles and his Ni’s worldview.

Yet we see in him a classic Fe+Ni crusading spirit in him which is, in some sense not to dissimilar to the proselytizing of various doctrines. He has an inverted FeNi life coach in him that he channels. He’s an ethicist (Fe), and feels a moral obligation to fight back against the harm caused by religion in the world.

Yet although his Ni+Fe are conscious, his ego association is in Ti which remains the primary voice. That is to say, at no point does his priority shift away from T, and he remains also very literal (S) and naturalistic in his philosophy. His spirituality, however, does come out in other Ni channels… namely in his appreciation for Eastern thought, meditation, and transcendence as can be had personally without invoking any supernatural cause.

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