TiSe l-l-

TiSe l-l- Directive Male


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Here we see our first clear example of l-l- or Ti+Ni conscious. Double introverted. (Faeruss your older video was a bit unusable but you are further down below)
We see a great deal of Pi inertia, Ni zone-outs and eye-drifts. Here are a few GIFs showing this:

^ Pi Inertia + Ni Zone-out + Ji Meticulousness

^ Pi Inertia + Ni Zone-out + Ji Meticulousness
His eyes drift to the sides as he also drifts in though, sourcing through recall. His energy is very slowed down due to a combination of Ji momentum halting and Pi viscosity. His posture remains rigid, yet also sinks. But having noted the Ni signals, it becomes important to differentiate this type from the NiFe. The primary component to look for is the presence of that native Ji core. Even if the GIFs above, we can see a delicacy and finesse to his fingers, a composure behind his slouching, and a prominent hesitation. We see this come out clearly in GIFs like:

^ J-lead Rigid Body + Pe Eye Toggling + Ji Meticulous Hands
Notice how he is innately technical, hesitant, carrying reviser doubt even though he’s got a lot of Pi slowdown. As with the ll– types, we know that Ti is central due to how energies are returning to Ti, rather than returning to Ni. We can contrast this against NiFe l-l- Humberto Maturana in the GIF below:

^ Pi Inertia + Ji Momentum Halt… leading into Je head push
This GIF has several parts.
1) A Ji pause
2) A small Je head push
3) A Ji pause
4) A medium size Je head push + Body Swaying

What we see here is Ji functioning in an intermittent fashion, slowing down momentum at intervals, but ultimately Maturana returns to Conductor energy (Pi+Je) every time. We see Ji pausing but we don’t see reviser doubt in Maturana as much, nor do we see the poise of a Ji spine beneath. And by this we know Maturana is NiFe, unlike Michael Pitt.

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