TiSe l–l

TiSe l–l Directive Male


Here we have TiSe with conscious Fe development. This adds a directivity to the personality which is evident in Leto and Brownlee alike. But first, the vultology. As noted in the TiNe thread, the difference between conscious Je and unconscious Je in the Ji-lead hierarchy has to do with the quality of the hand gestures, not in the presence or absence of hand gestures themselves. Je consciousness is marked by resoluteness, force and the presence they carry and are delivered with. Below we have a few GIFs showing the difference in energy between this development and the ll– one:

Conscious Je Gestures

Compare to Pe signals in the ll– development:

Non-conscious Je Gestures

As you can see, the ll– types have P Casual Hands which swing more side-to-side in rhythm with the higher fluidity of their posture. The Je-conscious individuals have a more forward/back tempo, a greater angularity in their delivery, and and overall larger unification between all aspects of the body. The head nod, torso, arms, hands, mouth, eyebrows.. all work in greater unison to give a cohesive delivery.


We touched briefly on Jared Leto in the l— section, but here we see him again modulating Fe. As we would expect of conscious Je, he’s got agency in the world, manifested here by his show of entrepreneurship, interest in investments, and proactive management. The full interview has him talking about how he’s excelled at identifying startups before they went big (like AirBnb) and helping them out. Not too dissimilar is the case of Marques Brownlee, who also has interests in the tech world, a great deal of agency (he runs his own studio, and has produced 1,000+ videos for youtube showcasing his Ti diagonostician tendencies) and follow through.

We see Marques Brownlee as an example of a TiSe Ace, rising to prominence as possibly the most famous tech reviewer; being acutely focused on precision, aesthetics, ergonomics, and a kind of 49/51 analysis of smartphones and cameras. We see a lot of his focus on the photographic aspect of Se via his critique of camera images, and the persistence effect in how the tiniest inconveniences can sour the experience of a smartphone. He reviews tech not just for its specs, but for how they interweave into the human experience.. which is not an aspect other reviewers share to the same degree. To do this he calls on his own Ti and always admits that his reviews are highly subjective, from the point of view of one user.

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