TiNe ll–

TiNe ll– Adaptive Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

Here we see the ll– type. Notice how, unlike the l– samples (who are ghostly and translucent) these samples do appear to have some availability and interactivity with the world. Their opacity is a bit higher, although still not entirely there. Their primary comportment still rests in a rigid and vertical Ti core, but we start to see the introduction of playfulness, loose body swaying and small casual hand gestures:

Ti Default Core:

^ Ji-Lead Poise + Ji Eyes Disengaging Down + Ti Neutralization

^ Ji-Lead Poise + Ji Eyes Disengaging Down + Ti Neutralization
With Added Ne:

^ Pe Body Swaying (but without Pe-lead’s baseline bubbling undercurrent)

^ Pe Body Swaying (but without Pe-lead’s baseline bubbling undercurrent)
Notice here with Kiyarii how (Pe) animated she gets in a brief burst, but also how quickly she flattens that energy down at the end of the GIF. Rather than sustaining a continuous bubbling Pe undercurrent, her Pe gestures come in little bursts before she recedes back into her delicate default state.

We see this also in Nadia but to a lesser extent. It’s not so important how animated the burst gets, as much as what the energetic baseline of the person is. Is it a sustained, continual rhythm? Or is it intermittent? What’s the energetic toll like? With TiNe ll– there is some passive swaying and hand gestures, but the body overall remains poised and contained. Moments of animation quickly settle back down, rather than lingering as a background “hum.” And this is how we can differentiate it from NeTi. Here is an example of this settling energy versus the ongoing Pe energy:

TiNe vs NeTi

TiNe Kiyarii

^ What we see here is a constant rise and fall of momentum, as she neutralizes into Ji multiple times in the GIF. The key element here is the complete ‘retreat’ into Ji.

NeTi Avril Lavigne

^ And here we see the ongoing energy of Pe (Ne), which never quite reaches zero. Even if it doesn’t animate as strongly as the energy of Kiyarii, the energy is continuous and not marked by full inner retreats. This is the defining characteristic between the two.

TiNe ll– Directive Female


Here we see a slightly different vultology in Bella. While the above samples carry a type of agreeable composure, an emotional responsiveness and plenty of smiles, Bella here demonstrates a degree of assertion. For a type that already has a faint disposition, directiveness doesn’t demonstrate itself as explicitly as it would in an Fe-lead like DeGrasse Tyson. Instead adaptive/directive must necessarily be matched to the energetic level of this vultology. Thus for the TiNe the key aspect of directive Fe appears to be an ability to state one’s positions without Fe warmth coating their delivery, with a lower pitch to the voice, a more matter of fact demeanor, and a presentation of (contentious) subject matter with no apology or active compromise with the audience.

Bella is barely tilted on the side of Directive in this video, but the difference is made clearer in samples down below.


– Semantic Clarification
– Conceptual Troubleshooting
– Elimination of Skewed Data Farmings

Just as with the l— male samples, we find Bella pointing out incongruities in the framing of concepts. There is a pointed focus on getting closer to the “core” definitions of things and not being stuck on the emergent effects, or using the emergent effects of introversion/extroversion as the definitions of what they are. There’s parsing and differentiating. Clarification of semantics and focus on detail/precision.

TiNe ll– Adaptive Male


Quite the opposite of Bella, here with Gage we see a very adaptive vultology. Big smiles, laughs, accommodating nods. And in the video itself it’s explicitly articulated as a strategic move. This is one way that Fe can manifest in high-Ti users; as a sort of social veneer used to protect them against the world. While outwardly they may appear entirely positive, emotionally responsive and warm, internally they are dispassionate, stoic and perhaps robotic. This is what gives some high-Ti users the feeling that Fe is “fake”, although when Fe is properly conscious this is not the sentiment felt.

The fakeness of Fe (“fake it ’til you make it”) comes from trying to channel the function without it being fully integrated into the personality. It becomes a tactical social choice (and indeed many Ti-leads are tacticians) to utilize Fe in creative ways to achieve one’s ends. And sometimes those ‘ends’ are little less than the maximization of time and energy towards Ti+Ne interests. “If I can maximally mitigate social obligations and drama by always appearing friendly, then that’s the right move.”

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