TiNe ll-l

TiNe ll-l Adaptive Female / The Socially Present


This ll-l development represents the most engaged and animated that a TiNe can be. Double extroversion within a Ji-lead framework. Paradoxically this makes them appear more “extroverted” than your baseline l— extrovert, energetically speaking. However, all this energy (Pe+Je) is coming from a maximal personal exertion which can be seen in the energetic tolls of the body. We see both Pe and Je signals present such as in these GIFs:



Unlike the l–l types who are more stiff and keep their signals along a vertical (spinal) axis, the ll-l development also swerves and glides with Pe energy.

And yet despite this energy, there is a Ji struggle present in each outward motion that we don’t see in other adjacent developments like the NeTi lll-. The body still retains a puppeteer quality making these outward bursts of energy feel like “efforts” more than they represent a native state. The body is quick to recede back into itself immediately after a series of gestures completes, demonstrating a paradoxical polarity in energy levels. And it’s in this energetic toll that we can identify what function is really the most native. The body of a Ji-lead, despite having Pe+Je conscious, will continue to retreat back into its tower at every opportunity.


This development is titled “the socially present” because of what this represents to the TiNe. It is difficult for this type, perhaps more than any other, to feel like an embodied entity taking up real space in a world made of things and people. Far too easily, the world becomes an abstraction and the body disengages accidentally from things, even if the motivation is to be there. The usually ghost-like demeanor of the TiNe transforms into one that is vibrant and participatory. Amy Cuddy has essentially dedicated her career –as types often do– to conquering the challenges of her type. Her book “Presence”, while applicable to all people, is especially applicable to introverted and passive personalities such as her own. And much of her advice is only ever a novelty or discovery to those who –like her– find it difficult to manifest their whole self in the moment.

TiNe ll-l Directive Female / The Social Overcomer


Compilation (watch full screen)

The TiNe ll-l is “the social overcomer” as it represents, just as “the socially present”, a kind of rise to do the opposite of what a TiNe’s native energy entails. However, for the directive version there is also a separation from social expectation, an individuality that also presents a sort of “emotional autonomy.” While Amy Cuddy rises to the challenge of being socially visible and engaged, her mind and psyche remain locked into the social game of give and take. Alanis Morissette, by comparison, has spent a life growing away from Fe’s grip of social expectation and developed a resistance to outer influence while still being engaged to her Fe. Like the l–l Psychoanalysts variety, these individuals spend a great deal of time on human nature, the reconciliation of opposites and the similarities/differences in people’s characters.

TiNe ll-l Directive Male


And here we have the ‘final form’ of Auburn who we’ve seen in the l— and l–l developments earlier. Unlike the l–l video which showed a very contained, vertical and unchanging rigidity, here we see his body drift and sway as well as animate more freely. There is Pe momentum embedded in the domination of the J axis. Also, we have noticed a shift from Adaptive to Directive.

Auburn is, like the aforementioned ll-l, an analyst of human nature, preoccupied with the question of “what it means to be human” but also a dissector of that question through very technical means. Like The Social Overcomer, there’s an active challenge to manifest in ways that are rather foreign. The question of ‘participation’ and ‘contribution’ to humanity become all the more pressing when one feels their voice is so faint and meek. The TiNe, of this shade, aims to counterphobically surpass this meekness with Fe’s fire and make some valuable social change.

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