TiNe l—

TiNe l— Adaptive Male / The Translucent Observer


Compilation (watch full screen)

As with the FiNe baseline, we see an incredible level of momentum halting, rigidity, stillness and overall lack of animation. The Ti l— vultology is constantly receding into an interior space, withdrawing its presence from the world. And this (combined with Ne’s surreal energy) is what gives the TiNe its reputation for being wispy, ghostly, translucent and ethereal. There’s a lack of “substance” and no convincing assertion of presentation. As we move forward in this thread, this baseline quality will be come an important benchmark to compare against.


– Semantic Clarification
– Conceptual Troubleshooting
– Elimination of Skewed Data Farmings

Psychologically, what we see from these two sample is a criticism of information with finesse and particularity. In the full video of Linus, we see him troubleshooting the incongruities and semantic shortcomings of CT concepts. The attention is turned to where something is “off” and this is reflected also in Auburn’s statement that “most of what I’ve done in life is try to figure out what the relevant information is.” There’s a seeking for the right bits to tease apart from the whole; the kernel of clarity; the right phrasing, right conceptualization.

TiNe l— Adaptive Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

The occupations of these three samples are too dispersed to make any strong connections in interests, but we see a similar approach to information. Mary-Kate Olsen is a fashion designer who has a similar technical finesse to the above samples, but which she applies to her trade. She mentions being a perfectionist at an early age, and focuses strongly on right fit, right drape, etc. This is a common theme we see shared between both Ti-lead types. Ti is not only applied exclusively to the domain of ideas but the same operation is often applied to a craft — making them niche specialists. There’s also highly personal aesthetic involved in Mary-Kate, where each piece of clothing made is something she personally likes and would wear. This shows Ji’s individualism and also Ji’s identity focus.

In this particular video, Nadia fits more properly with Auburn and Linus, but I will have more to say on her in the next post.

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