TiNe l-ll

TiNe l-ll Directive Male / The Technical Grandfather


With Si+Fe conscious, this represents as far out as the TiNe energy can go into the conductor domain. Indeed, one might wonder why Noam is not a Pi-lead type in some of his recent videos due to his old age (which adds noise factors to Pi viscosity). But I found that a proper examination of his younger material really confirms how much J rigidity he possesses. We see in the two samples above the same vultology as l-l- Miyazaki but with an added emphasis on the accentuation of conscious Je.


I know Lynn Hoag personally, and he is a farmer. But he’s no ordinary farmer; he’s a public speaker who gives lectures on the methodologies he’s developed to maximize plant growth by raising them in ideal conditions. He’s spent decades refining his craft, experimenting season after season with micro-adjustments to the soil and extracted key principles of farming. He adds rocks, PVC pipes and other things to the soil to make air pockets for the roots to breathe in, to change the magnetic properties of the soil, etc. Each plot of land is individually soil-tested for it’s particular ratio of all available minerals, and what is missing in the soil is added in his ideal proportions. Just as with Mary-Kate Olsen with her fashion lines, and Miyazaki with his filmmaking, Lynn is known for his delicately tailored method.

Now Noam Chomsky scarcely needs introduction, but it suffices to say he’s an accomplished author who likewise spends a great deal of time parsing out the causes/effects of the social and political machinery of the world. He’s a diagnostician, which appears to be the common theme across all these samples. However, just like Lynn, he’s also a public speaker and has a mission to spread this truth to the world.

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