TiNe l–l

TiNe l–l Adaptive Male / The Psychoanalyst


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Here we see the l–l development, wherein Fe is properly conscious. As we’ve noted in other threads, Je consciousness is not marked by the presence of hand gestures themselves but in the resoluteness, force and presence they carry and are delivered with. Below we have a few GIFs showing the difference in energy between this development and the previous ones:

Non-Conscious Je Gestures

Conscious Je Gestures

As we can also see, the l–l samples lack the playfulness of the ll– types and the viscosity of the l-l- types, having an altogether different way of diverging away from the l— baseline. Their vultology is stiffer, more regulated and controlled. Having the entire J axis conscious causes a strong focus on relaying their opinions with inflection and persuasion.

TiNe l–l Adaptive Female / The Psychoanalyst


We see the same thing presented here with Alerith, both Auburn and Alerith having essentially the same vultology at this point in time. At the time we made these videos we identified as “TiNe-Fe”, the Fe subtype “Psychoanalyst”, and it turns out that TiNe-Fe was TiNe l–l all along. We don’t see Ne visually present (no loose body swayings, bubbling momentum, perk ups) but we see the complete J axis represented.


These samples have a keen focus on psychology, human nature and the meticulous examination of people. But more than it being a passive interest, it appears to also become a center point of their work. The same Ji precision that other TiNe’s apply to their craft… is applied here to the differentiation of human qualities. There is a type of dissection of the soul, to examine it as if like a laboratory specimen. In some sense these types mirror the FiNe samples who focus on their interiority to inform them about what it means to be a living being. Yet the TiNe l–l approach the matter a little more from the outside-in than from the inside-out, focusing on what the externalities of humans (acts) can say about the underlying structure that evidences them.

The Psychoanalyst more generally applies to the use of Ti+Fe in any hierarchy, as the “question of human nature” is explored philosophically with the goal of deriving axioms (Ti) of conscious experience from the aggregated observable social effects (Fe) and creations people make in the world.

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