TeSi-Ne Okabe Rintarou

Okabe Rintarou, the eccentric, aspiring mad-scientist is intellectually motivated, functionally minded, yet mediocre in many forms of real application. He is an inventor, an entrepreneur, and has a proactive and overbearing personality. Okabe is an example of the TeNe duality at work, which creates an energy that is simultaneously crass, manic, and preposterous. Similar to Varrick from the Korra series, he is filled with farfetched ideas but he’s as much about application as he is about dreams. We can tell him apart from the NeFi type by his ever-conclusive articulation style, Je-centric thinking and lack of truly divergent attention. While his thoughts are scattered, they are always aiming to go into some applicable direction and are never explored simply for conceptual novelty.

As often happens with the Eccentric Nerd subtype, TeSi Okabe interacts with others through indirect means – never truly showing his affection but subtly taking many measures to make sure those he cares about are well kept. He has a heart of gold behind the bold exterior and others know this about him and stick around because they understand his intentions. Yet, in order to connect more intimately with others, he has to overcome this personal blockade and learn to speak earnestly from the heart.

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