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TeSi llll Seelie Female


I have Brene Brown down as TeSi l–l as a base. But in this video above she is at the very least modulating all 4 functions beautifully. This is the first video (in this new database refinement) where I’m sure she’s utilizing all 4 functions at conscious capacity. I had to cut out all clips that didn’t have her in the proper framing, but for those who haven’t seen her TED talk I’d really recommend it here.

In what she says, and in her delivery we see Te-lead. She is articulate, concise, angular, but also scientific, objective, rational and militant. But she’s also motherly/grandmotherly in the way she tells her story. She is not preaching to you, she is… conveying her narrative (Si) for what it is. She’s also a researcher and “collects stories”, and herein we see the librarian/encyclopedic proclivities of Si further. She states she has an organizational habit (highlighers, cubbies, etc) and likes to measure everything concisely.. and here we again see Te’s empiricism and Order. Then we see alongside that, a very jolly humor, playful (Ne) energy and child-like presentation. Lastly we see/hear in her voice a seelie sensitivity, an integrated femininity and a receding of her momentum that isn’t viscous but instead ‘restrained’.

More than that, however…
We see in her integration, in the Jungian/psychoanalytical sense. Her TED talk is essentially a story of self-actualization. She is describing to-the-letter what we’d expect from a Te+Si… integrating Fi+Ne. She talks about “control” (Te) and “predict” (Si). Then she talks about learning to let go and be vulnerable. I’m certainly biased but I think she’s a wonderful example of cognitive integration, and a beautiful human being.

She is a matriarch, she is a grandmother, she is a child… she is a heart… all at once.
It is so heartening to see that CT is aligning with psychoanalysis, and doing a good job of also paralleling development levels (via vultology) with where a person is in their own spiritual journey. There’s so much to explore here.

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