TeSi lll-

TeSi lll- Unseelie Male


^ Now looking at these, they don’t look quite like any of the aforementioned TeSi. They’re not as angular as the l—, but also not as inertial as the ll–. And they’re also not as jumpy as the l-l-. This is one of the hardest developments to pin down initially (all 3 function and 4 function developments are really difficult), but it’s also not as hard as it seems once you isolate what is happening.

Roughly speaking what is happening is:

The lll- development is P-heavy. So there are 2 P functions for only 1 conscious J function. Thus overall they look curiously fluid and casual. It’s tempting to mistake them for P-leads, yet they still have that accentuated Je head nodding, the accentuated and angular delivery, and overall conductor comportment. They’re toned-down like in the ll– developments yet they still retain all the funny/comedian/parodies of the l-l- development.

What’s happening here, if we think about it from another angle, is you have a “double extrovert” (l-l-) …with an introverted function (Si) added in. And so while Ne augmented the extroversion, with Si added in the energy reverses back down.

Psychological Profile:

Their personality can be summed up as:

  • Satirical Political Commentary
  • Witty Comedians
  • Talkative / Talk-show-hosts
  • Prolific career, lots of information behind them
  • Sitting on a nest or large body of works

All three of the above are comedians. They are typically political in their commentary like the l—, but like the ll– they are also rather detached from rigid political ideologies. They’re neither corporate tycoons, nor are they paradigm builders like the l–l. You could say they’re “a little of everything” which is also why I suspect 3 function development means the libido/energy is spread more evenly across various focal points rather than concentrated in one direction. Still as with all Je-leads, they are very verbal. Their craft revolves around rhetoric and like the ll– it’s not enough just to live/be/exist in the inertia of the Pi function. The TeSi lll- translates/articulates (Te) “how the world is” (Si) through comedy (Ne).

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