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Elizabeth Warren is one of a kind here (for now: nope! found a twin). She has a TeSi vultology that has been incredibly illuminating to me. It’s best to approach her development from the l–l angle. As we discussed, l–l development is extremely rigid and tends towards micro-jittering. Now, if you take this double-rigidity and micro-jittering, and you augment it with Ne momentum, you get Elizabeth Warren. She’s super speedy, super jittery but her movements aren’t hitting one head nod at a time. They’re quite amped up and expedient. By the way, TeNi Camile Paglia is also l-ll so imagine her too.

While Si slows down the l-l- development with inertia, Fi appears to tense it up in a way. It’s as if all of that Te+Ne energy is clamped and so it gets concentrated into a smaller space (smaller waveforms but more frequent):

The peaks and valleys of Je accentuations are smaller, but they happen more often. At least that appears to be the case so far. Both introverted functions do something slightly different in how they restrain the energy of the body.

Warren is at core a polarized TeSi. Like the TeSi l–l types, she cares deeply about Fi issues, about integrity, rightnesss and is also quite seelie and empathic toward the population. She is very well positioned in ther Te/Fi axioms. But she’s also got a fun side to her. She’s affable, gregarious, and a little goofy.

Notice however that she doesn’t have conscious Si. She’s not yet given up on “making it big” or “making a difference” and she believes in overhauling (anti-Pi) things that don’t work. She’s ambitious, progressive, future oriented and also naively optimistic in similar ways to high Ne+Fi users. Another way to think about it is that she has a “NeFi Seelie Fairy” embedded within her Te-lead architecture.*

Like TeNi l-ll Camile Paglia she almost trips over her words from the velocity with which her Te+Ne combo talks. But her Ne isn’t overtaking the potency of her first oscillation. If a type ever has their two polar functions developed (l–l) then even if they have a third function in there…. the primary drama of the psyche remains the first oscillation. Likewise, for Warren l–l is the root cause, and Ne provides the open mindedness, expediency and solution-generation towards that aim.

* ps. Inversely… TeNi l-ll Camile Paglia has an “Unseelie SeFi Haughty” embedded within her Te-lead architecture.

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