TeNi Vultology

Prominent Signals
  • Te Taut Square Cheeks
  • Te Nasal Monotone Voice
  • Te Horizontally Split Cheeks
  • Te Snippy Head-Shakes
  • Te Snippy Shoulder Shrugs
  • Te Snippy Head Nods
  • Te Avalanching Unbroken Articulation
  • Fi Resting Tension
  • Fi Snarling Smile
  • Fi Asymmetrical Mouth
  • J Rigid Posture
  • J Subordinate Perception
  • Ni Hypnotic Eyes
  • Ni Unblinking Eyes
  • Ni Permanent Stare
  • Ni Lowered Eyelids
  • Ni Intense Scowl
  • Se+Te Manic Expression
  • Se Amped Eyes
  • Se Taut Eye Area
  • Se Locked-on Eyes
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