Oscillations Hierarchy
Conduct (J+/P-) Revision (J-/P+) Compression (J-/P-) Decompression (J+/P+) Formulation (J+/J-) Synthesis (P+/P-)

“Synthesis” refers to the oscillation of information between P+ & P- in the management of objects. The oscillation can be compared mathematically to the conjunction between variables (P+) & coordinates (P-). It is called Synthesis because the conjunction of an ongoing variable-gathering process  and a coordinate locating process happens synthetically with no friction, and auto-populates a landscape in the mind without superimposing an interpretive structure (J) to the information. Synthesis creates a funnel between object presence and object contextualizing, where the present variables and their wider contexts are comprehended in a non-formulaic form, retaining faithful parity with direct perception.

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