SiTe ll–

SiTe ll– Unseelie Male


Compilation (watch full screen)

As expected, we see a very striking vultological pattern among these samples.
The head remains eye-centric, the direction and gaze of the eyes comes first and then the head shakes and swivels come afterwards.
But in order to properly differentiate this from the TeSi ll– moving forward, here are a few side-by-side comparisons:

TeSi ll– Robert Meaux

TeSi ll– James Cameron

What we see here is a slowdown of tempo (compared to Je-lead baseline) that causes Meaux/Cameron to be a little bit viscous in their delivery than the TeSi l— samples. Yet the direction of their Je delivery remains the same. They remain face-centric, with head nods coming from a place of rigidity and firmness. Here is a graphic to demonstrate the pattern of accentuation:

The size of the arrows indicates the strength of the gesticulations and its direction. Je-leads have very dedicated forward head nods than firmly land with a resolute “point”, and secondarily they have smaller left-to-right rattles. Up-down is followed by left-right. To contrast this, below we have the SiTe ll–:

SiTe ll– Scott Walker

SiTe ll– Brian Williams

If you’d like, take a moment to look at these GIFs ^ and then back at the TeSi ones, and then back down here again to try to capture the qualia difference.
What you’ll notice is that SiTe’s have a lot less up-down nods/accentuations and far more left-right accentuations. And the strength of the two vectors will be quite different.
Here is a diagram roughly showing the difference:

The ratio of the arrows is inverted between the TeSi and SiTe. For SiTe the left-to-right arrow is biggest and strongest, while up-down is smaller since head nods are generally weaker and do not “land” their points very firmly. For SiTe’s, up-down head movements/nods are usually a form of micro-rattling, while for TeSi’s it’s left-right that is usually a form of micro-rattling. Additionally, SiTe’s will do far more head rolls (shoulder-to-shoulder swiveling) which is due to their loose body posture.

This is the key difference between TeSi and SiTe regardless of whether they both have the same level of energetic output. So for example, at a given moment an SiTe ll– may be a little more “Je” than a TeSi ll– but the Je will be channeled through the P-lead fluidity pattern shown above. So again it’s not quantity of gestures that determines hierarchy, but the quality of them. I hope that makes sense. I realize it’s subtle and hard to notice at first.


– Politics
– Republican
– Conservatism
– Journalism/News
– Long, established careers

We also see a very strong psychological pattern in these samples which is hardly worth reiterating, but like the SiTe l— there’s a heavy involvement in politics, a conservatism and a narrativism. Something that stood out to me was that we see the narrativism clearest in Brian Williams at the end of the video when he says: “I don’t know what I’d do for a living if I couldn’t work in journalism. Not television; I could come off television tomorrow happily, as long as I was in the daily writing game.” I felt this was an excellent little tidbit to note. There’s a need to explore (Pe) but it’s for the satisfaction of chronicling (Pi) the day-to-day ongoings into an understanding of the unfolding world. This frames Pi appropriately as a dynamic and living process –not one bound to a static past– yet driven to store up what is being released by the world continually.

SiTe ll– Seelie Male


Compilation (watch full screen)

– Senior Presidential Advisor
– U.S. Representative
– Politics/etc
– Democratic

Once again we see the theme of politics in this one, with one subtle differences. These two seelie SiTe samples are Democratic rather than Republican. This is part of a larger pattern that is somewhat tentatively present, with others like seelie TeSi Elizabeth Warren being part of the democratic party. We’ve yet to make a comprehensive breakdown of politican orientation by type, but I found it interesting to note. As far as vultology goes, everything is the same as the above but with seelie energy.

SiTe ll– Unseelie Female


– Green Party Leader in Canada
– Politician

Like Laura Miller, May is astute, logically-driven but also has a soft side for nature and the preservation of the planet. Her energy is clearly not seelie (she is guarded, assertive and forthright) but her agenda is driven by certain more feminine principles compared to the male counterparts. We see the same agenda in FiNe Jill Stein. Again I think this is a good example of the mixture of SiTe + female, and how it subtly shifts the baseline. Everything else is the same as the above.

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