SiTe ll-l

SiTe ll-l Unseelie Male


Now what we see with Jamie Hyneman is a lot of similarities to l–l Bill Hicks, except he has blend of both Je and Pe energy.
But I’ll add in the third sample first before comparing:

SiTe ll-l Seelie Male


This is a baseline for how extroverted an SiTe can get, having two extroverted functions conscious underneath a Pi-lead vultology. We see the blend of both Je + Pe in the following GIFs:

^ Je Head Shake + Pe Bubbling Momentum

^ Je Head Shake + Pe Loose/Casual Hands

What is important to note here is two things:

  • 1: Pi Remains Priority: Despite the presence of both Je and Pe, the SiTe still does not lose their Pi-lead eye-centricity, and all this energy gets diverted into more horizontal (side-to-side) trajectories.
  • 2: Lack of J Structure: Secondly, despite the Te+Ne combo, their body is still casual and loose in how it delivers its energy, rather than being firm, rigid or calculated. This is seen best in Scott Adam’s GIF but the same looseness can also be seen in Zuckerberg.

Given how we’ve contrasted SiTe & TeSi already, the above P-lead vultology should not be confused too much with TeSi. But this comes closer now to certain shades of NeFi. So now lastly I must try to contrast this against an NeFi with conscious Te+Ne. Here is Tim Urban as an example:

^ The key difference I can point out here is that Tim Urban has:

  • Native Pe Bubbling Momentum
  • Scattered Energy/Divergence
  • Tangent-Hopping

For the NeFi l-l-, all that energy is flailing out in all directions. The hands are casual but they’re also multi-directional. The body is energetic, but also restless and amped. By contrast, the SiTe still appears to carry all their movements along the same forward vector even if there’s energetic spikes within that vector. So while the NeFi’s hands may go up/down/left-right, and their spine may sway everywhere (other NeFi’s are better examples of this than Tim Urban), the SiTe will direct a lot of energy forward to their audience directly. This is best seen in Zuckerberg’s GIF above.

Also, the SiTe GIFs above are special moments of high-energy, but the Pi-lead vultology will still shine through in the majority of the video. I just selected the most amped sections on purpose, to really tease out the differences even in the extremes.


The psychological similarities are also plentiful here. Both Scott Adams and Zuckerberg are entrepreneurial (Ne+Te tends to be that way), both have a very strong stick-to-it-meter… and can grind through tasks for long stretches of time. Both are science enthusiasts, but both also enjoy experimenting with a medium of communication and/or social commentary. Both are also prolific, and have multiple interests.

Jamie Hyneman actually fits fairly well into this category too. He is science oriented, loves to experiment with Ne, but at the same time he was the more conservative and cautious of the two Mythbusters hosts and was known for his more practical approach to the show. So we have in all three of these samples a thirst for new information, for exploration, a zest for application, for business, …but backed up with a hard work ethic and diligence. This is not the case with NeFi’s who tend to struggle with the last bit.

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