SiTe l—

SiTe l— Unseelie Male


The baseline for SiTe l— is best extracted from all the samples in this post (..instead of just this one…) as they all share the same attributes.
At first it looks like Joe is reading from a teleprompter, but after making sure and looking for signs of it I realized he actually isn’t. He’s just got a very permanently fixed Pi gaze and can recite his information from memory. What we see here is a settled, forward conductor energy. He is exceedingly eye-centric, with only very subtle tilts and sways that lack any force of delivery (unconscious Je).


Joe Flint is a news reporter and spends his days collecting facts, trends, and then chronicling that to his audience. But unlike other journalists, Flint is particularly facts-heavy in his data dumps, financially oriented, and lacks an interpersonal element. Much Like SiTe Brian Williams (who we’ll get to later) he has a rhythm that spans years in the same unchanging format. We see in all this: heavy signs of Si psychology, with Te psychology as a secondary.

SiTe l— Unseelie Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

Now Laura Miller looks nearly identical to Joe Flint vultologically.
But she reveals a lot more about the psychology of the SiTe l— development.
She mentions all the below, and I’m gonna go through them one by one:

Q1: Ideal Life?

  • – Doing what is personally fulfilling
    – Love to learn things and understand the world
    – Mastering Skills
    – Traveling the world
    – Being with those I love
    – Leaving a legacy behind, being remembered
    – A life that is harmonious, free of pain and mostly “pleasant”

Q2: Your Strengths?

  • – Greatest strength is my intellectual ability
    – Very logical, analytical, able to undesrstand complex things
    – Strong sense of fairness/justice
    – Very hard-working
    – Very reliable
    – Dependable
    – Love being intellectually stimulated
    – Love the beauty of the world/nature
    – Love good food
    – Just love to laugh, finding funny things

Trend A: One of the trends we see is related to conscientiousness. A “strong sense of fairness”, “reliability”, “dependability”, “hard-working” all speak to a conductor energy. Mastering of skills is also a part of this, and she appears to use her intellect to get to those things, which brings me to the next trend:

Trend B: Logical orientation. She prizes herself as an intellectual, enjoys intellectual stimulation, analysis, etc. This is quite interesting because (as we’ve discussed in Discord lately) females are tilted more towards agreeableness, yet her T>F priority still shines through. However, we still see the effects of her feminine energy, and this is a key point to note. She loves being with those she cares for, helping society, caring for others and being fulfilled in that way. This is –to me– the appropriate level of influence we might expect from the combination of SiTe + female. High-T females are always gonna be a bit of a mixture, and she reflects this well.

Trend C: Lastly is a focus on “comforts.” She likes being in nature, traveling, but also just living a life that is harmonious, free of pain, and “pleasant.” This is very Baggins-esque, and combines with the Min myth; the cottage fantasy. I think she presents an excellent example of what an SiTe l— female baseline would be like, and I’m very happy she came along!

SiTe l— Seelie Male


Compilation (watch full screen)

So the vultology of this one is gonna take some major explanation. What we see here is a Pi gaze just as fixed as the above SiTe l— unseelies, and an inertia that is just impermeable. Please note that there is no reviser doubt, there is no hesitation, and there is no Ji signaling by itself. Now before I did this thread, I thought Fred Rogers, Ben Carson and Ed Witten had Fi conscious but upon looking closer they don’t actually show any Ji energy signals. What we are picking up on is seeliness, and seeliness alone.

As was mentioned in the last thread, the assumption in CT was previously that “more seelie = higher Fi priority” which was actually false. Seelie/Unseelie happens to exist as a category independent of hierarchy, with TeSi’s being perfectly capable of strong seelieness too. But this meant that previously, despite not showing many Ji signals, people like Fred Rogers were titled as Fi-lead when they were simply Seelie + Introverted Pi.

And we must consider that it must be possible for SiTe l— to be seelie while not being Fi conscious. And this is precisely what that would look like. No Ji signals, but lots of seelie energy. In the above we hear the qualities of Fi in the voice and the softness of Te, but we actually see no integration of Ji for example:

There is:
– no Ji Disengaging Down
– no Ji Momentum Halting
– no Fi Umbridled Emotional Radiation
– no Fi Disarming Giddiness

Furthermore there is no individualism/identity preoccupation, and the like. The focuses of these individuals are storytelling, science & politics — but not the self. This will become more apparent down below when we get to the real SiTe l-l-. But to give a brief review, here is Ben Carson against SiTe l-l- Mark Rylance who does show Ji signals alongside seelieness:

^ Pi Fixed Gaze + Pi ViscosityWe see in Carson a very stead gaze, an unchanging tempo (little variability) and a forward focus or vector.
There is no reviser doubt, but instead there is a surety and resolve.
Now we can compare Carson’s vultology to that of Rylance below:

^ Pi Eye-Drift + Ji Disengage Down + Fi Unbridled Energy

^ Pi Eye-Drift + Ji Disengage Down + Fi Unbridled Energy

Rylance breaks his eye contact forward to shrivel shyly downward and evaluate the compass momentarily. As he does this, reviser doubt enters his energy, yet he appears eye-centric still. This is different than the conductor-heavy energy we get from the above samples which have an unmoving gaze and a continual forward direction.


What we see in these men’s psychologies is a level of conservatism. The two that are politicians are republicans, which again is the more conscientious orientation. Fred Rogers, like Joe Flint, Brian Williams and others… did his job for a long time: for over 30 years. In his case, narrative took hold stronger. He had a very clear Senex energy, and had the Senex’s positive relationship to the Puer… in the form of a children’s show. George W. Bush –which might surprise some– is not too different from Fred Rogers and the others. After retiring as president he essentially took the cottage-route, and found himself a comfy abode where he does painting. He also made a presidential library/museum, with collectible items from his presidency to show people what it was like to be in the Oval office.

Overall, seelie SiTe’s tend to want the world to be fair, pleasant, enjoyable, and harmonious. They want legacy, to build something lasting, and to also remember what has been built already. They have a playful/childish side which is into art, travel, nature, and being silly on occasion.

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