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SiTe l-ll Seelie Male


Compilation (watch full screen)

At last Eric’s type is clear to me now. Near-twin shades with Laughter . This is the first time I see someone with a vultology that matches Eric so perfectly. And from there the connection to Mark Rylance can also be made. As I mentioned in the l— post the difference here is that SiTe’s with conscious Ji have a mixture of fixed-gaze with semi-Ji-disengagements down. It’s never a “full halt” but more of a drift downward. There is also a coating of Fi radiating energy which causes some bashful shriveling, reviser doubt, and unbridled energy. There’s a disarming femininity atypical of males, but there is a total lack of the Ji “structure” we covered in the FiNe thread. Instead, these samples are very eye-centric, governed by their gaze and carry their head behind their eyes as they swivel from ear to ear. There is a very clear viscosity to their movements, and an overall relaxation and P-lead looseness.


Like the baseline SiTe’s, Eric shows fair levels of industriousness & conscientiousness, saying he “likes to work” and would love to work more if he didn’t have to sleep. There is something inertial about the way he says it too, as though to him work is a rhythmic activity; a fluid or calming exercise. He also has elements of Si “comfort” seeking in how he phrases matters, by wanting more time with friends hanging out and just having a good time.

Laughter, similarly (in his other video here) shows conscientiousness and a dislike for people who whine about matters but don’t do anything about it. Later he says: “I like things that combine thinking with the ability to win or achieve a goal” – which again shows conductor energy, and a logistical pragmatism characteristic of ST Deltas.

But he also shows his Ne in his answer to what most people don’t know about him <– which itself is telling, as a polar function. Often the polar is that which we consider our ‘real’ self but which we don’t show 24/7 to the public. Deep inside Laughter has a Puer that would enjoy living in a funhouse fantasy world where amusing and reality-distorting events were commonplace. This also shows a moderate level of Ne development. I’m happy to finally have a clear picture of this type and to know how it differs from Fi-lead.

But to be clear, here’s a compilation:


^ Ji Eyes Disengage Down + Ji Momentum Halting

^ Ji Meticulous Hands/Fingers + Ji Eyes Disengage Down + Ji Momentum Halting

^ Ne eye-toggling + J rigidity + Ji Meticulous Fingers (but with some P fluidity)


^ Pi Eye-Drifts > Ji Disengaging Down

^ Pi Eye-Drifts > Ji Disengaging Down

As we see, for the SiTe’s the Ji disengagement is done within the context of the P-lead body posture, while the FiNe’s retain a rigid spine and poised vertical body alignment, with complete disengagements down. I hope this makes sense.

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