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This is perhaps not the best example of a polarized SiTe. But then again maybe it is…
Like other P-polarized types we’ve seen, Bill Hicks is a nonchalant personality. For those of you who know Bill Hicks, you know he’s a comedian. This is also true of the yet-to-be-made thread for SiFe’s l–l (like Jeff Dunham). Hicks is a comedian with a dark sense of humor and like Albert Camus, he also has a heavy flat affect. Actually, the similarities between him and Camus are plentiful, I think. Both are passive commentators on life, both have a bit of an absurdust/nihilistic bent, and yet Hicks sees humor as a healing thing for its capacity to frame reality in better light.


We see in Hicks an eye-centricity, a Pi-lead posture, but with a different kind of energy (Pe). If we compare his energy to the SiTe ll– types, we see his energy is more zesty, spunky and tends to swivel side-to-side more in perk ups. For example in this GIF:

This is different than the sort of extroversion provided by the Je function like so:

SiTe + Je:

^ Je Head Shake

SiTe + Pe:

^ Pi Viscosity > Pe Momentum / Perk Up

^ Pi Viscosity + Pe Momentum + Perk Up

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