SeTi lll-

SeTi lll- Adaptive Male


Here we see what an SeTi looks like with both J functions conscious. Now, remembering from previous threads, whenever a person is “JJ” like this P(JJ) development…. there is a technical glitching effect that happens, where Fe+Ti lock together and create stuttering and exerted pushes. We see this same exact dynamic in Emeka, as evidenced in GIFs like these:

^ Ti Meticulous Fingers + Fe Gesticulations + Pe Momentum

^ Fe Gesticulations + Ti Meticulous Fingers + Pe Momentum/Swaying

At different points in the video he modulates certain functions more. So we have some long periods of Ti momentum halting (0:14-0:20), and some periods of continual Fe articulation (1:08-1:25) but the GIFs above manage to capture all 3 functions in the same few seconds, interplaying with each other.

Now I’ve still gotta get a bio from him! (Emeka iwearnomask if you’re reading this ;p) to really flesh out this development. I’m pretty sure Ni isn’t conscious, considering the above l–l vultology, but it’s possible you may be starting to bring it into consciousness now. Generally though, the traits of having Ni conscious are moreso the traits of “Pi” than any interest in the subject matter of Ni itself. I think that’s the best way I’ve come to describe it.

Many individuals can have very powerful and rich interests in the subject matter of a function, but the energetic talents of Ji/Pe/Pi/Je will be absent. In the case of Ni, a proper sense of caution, temperance, long term planning and vision/etc.. may be absent even if there’s an interest in the esoteric, symbolic and metaphysical. I’m not sure if that describes your experience but let me know your thoughts!

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