SeTi ll–

SeTi ll– Adaptive Male


Compilation (watch full screen)

Here we see what SeTi looks like with conscious Ji.
While not losing any of the aforementioned restless swaying movements and energy, he dips occasionally into rigid halts. There’s a clear ongoing flow to Jetplane (0:05), an ease of animation and eye-centricity (0:12), P casual hands (0:16) a lack of Ti-lead’s fatigue/struggle/exerted-pushes and yet there’s clear moments of Ti momentum halting and neutralization such as at 0:21 and 0:35.

^ Ti Neutralization + Ji Meticulous Fingers + Ji Rigidity

^ Ti Neutralization + Ji Meticulous Fingers + Pe Toggling

Yet these moments will appear as clear slowdowns of an otherwise more casual, chill, and restless energy and the constant bodily “hummmm” of Pe.

Now I’m cheating a bit here with the compilation video, as Emeka (left) *does* also have Ti conscious but belongs to another development further below. But given the low volume of this sample I found it helpful to use both of these Ti-conscious SeTi’s to set a more proper context for what this vultology looks like.


Jetplane48 actually self-identifies as ESTP 7w8, and is very much a “bro” (a Discord slang term for SeTi’s ;) ) as we can see in the rest of his channel videos. Yet his focus is heavily on self-identity, the subjective experience, and the like. At the same time it’s a bit more of a side-hobby to him than a central agenda; he is not necessarily building a Ti Theory of Mind from scratch, but he does dabble with them. He considers himself restless, easily bored, flaky, and he knows he’s SeTi even though lots of people online think he’s TiSe because he’s into these socially introverted subjects. I actually really appreciate how SeTi’s can just level with themselves so well and frequently and say “yea, that’s me” rather than hold onto a fantasy. There’s a realism and frankness to their perspective as they acknowledge themselves by what they evidence and do. We see this further down with EJArendee and Zombies who are two other properly self-typed SeTi youtubers despite often being told they’re ISTP or INTJ because they don’t fit the social ESTP label.

And this is again because in MBTI the profiles only describes the l— developments at best, but don’t cover how a type is like in all its other manifestations. It actually seems SeTi’s are fairly well represented in typology and have a hidden philosophical edge to them that often comes out to play.

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