SeTi l–l

SeTi l–l Directive Male


Compilation (watch full screen)

Now if you thought the NiFe purge was bad, take a look at these SeTi samples who actually do have Ni development.
There’s no way this shade would have been properly identified before, considering Kenji/Bieber/Effron/etc ended up being standard l— and didn’t even have Ni conscious.

But given what we established in the l— post, we can now begin to properly categorize these individuals. What we see is and even heavier degree of Ni hypnotic eyes, zone-outs and drifts, all the while still retaining that “reed in the wind” body posture. Here are a few GIFs showing this effect:

SeTi l–l

^ Ni Zone-out + Pe Body Sway

^ Pe Momentum/Sway + Ni Zone-out

^ Ni zone-out + Pe Body Sway

What we see is a heavily polarized P-lead vultology. There is a combination of Pe subtle swaying and Pi inertia at play, with little visibility of any J functionality. But lets compare this to actual NiFe l— to set them apart from their baseline:

NiFe l—

^ Ni Hypnotic Eyes + Pi Inertia + Ni Unblinking Eyes (+ subtle Je)

^ Ni Hypnotic Eyes + Pi Inertia  (+ subtle Je)

^ Ni Hypnotic Eyes + Pi Inertia (+ subtle Je)

The best way I can explain this difference is to say that, since Ni (as Pi) is a non-active process, and is identified by absence of movement, then it’s effects in the standard NiFe are best measured by it’s effect on the auxiliary function –which is the most adjacent extroverted animator. That is to say, for NiFe’s we see a heavy Pi effect with Pi slowing down Je. We don’t see Pi slowing down Pe, as appears with the SeTi samples above.

With Dave Chappelle, Juice WRLD and Kendrick Lamar …what we see is a Pe-lead body being slowed down by Pi inertia. But with NiFe’s what we see is a Pi-lead body with subtle aux-Je head pushes and forward juts that are super curbed down. And this essentially marks the difference between reviser and conductor energy. Chappelle/Juice/Lamar still lack conductor energy due to the open-ended, swaying and fluid nature of their body. The NiFe’s by comparison have a certainty in themselves, a lack of extraneous movements, and a lack of buoyancy. I hope that makes sense.

SeTi l–l Adaptive Male


All the same things described above are true for these samples as well. It’s hard to see adaptive-vs-directive energy in P-polarized samples due to the lack of J function development, but I think a reasonable contrast can be drawn between these and those above. There is an agreeableness and passivity involved here which is lacking in those above. But again, adaptive/directive is less the focus of this thread as of now, until more samples eventually make for a more clear differentiation.

SeTi l–l Directive Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

And here we have our very own CrimsonFox! …who self-identified as Ni-lead before, with good reason. She’s compared against the above samples due to the rarity of female samples of this shade. I haven’t yet gotten the best chance to flesh out the psychology of this shade, but I do hope Crimson and others can help in the creation of a profile for how SeTi’s experience Ni. I’m sure there’s a lot to learn here.

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