SeFi lll-

SeFi lll- Unseelie Female

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Lastly we have Smoggy!
What we see in this video is a mixture of multiple energies. Compared to the l-l- samples, Smoggy has a lot more glitching and Ji momentum halting embedded throughout her video. We see this in moments such as:


^ Ji Eyes Disengage Down + Momentum Halting (but still subtly Pe swaying)


^ Ji Momentum Halting + P Casual Hands


^ Ji Meticulous Hands + Je Gesticulations

Overall what we see in these GIFs, when taken as a whole, is the conjunction of conscious Je+Ji embedded within a Pe-lead psyche. The primary modality is fluidity, but within that fluidity there is articulation and angularity. Yet at the same time that articulation is halted, revisited and edited by Ji at every pass. This is altogether different from what we see of the SeFi l-l- samples, although Smoggy does display the proper level of Je angularity for it to be conscious. I’m glad we finally have a grasp on your development, Smogs!

And this is reflected in psychology as well, as we’ve noticed on Discord. But I fail to paint a complete picture of that aspect in the span of this post. What I can say briefly is that the introduction of Te appears to be a more recent occurrence, whereas Smoggy has always retained a particular Fi palate, a resonance/dissonance duality, a focus on identity and the like.

SeFi lll- Unseelie Male

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